Friday, December 20, 2013

Revamp Your Home This Holiday Season

Making your home feel new and fresh doesn't have to break the bank. You can make a significant change to your home by simply replacing a few pieces of furniture to give it a new look:

1. Dining Room Set
A new dinning room set will really pull together your home, especially since everyone loves to eat! 

2. Lighting
No home is complete without the correct lighting. You can choose your own specific style of lamps and floor lamps to illuminate your home and provide light to specific areas.

3. Living Room Table
Your living room is where you spend most of the time, so why not decorate it and make it as comfortable as possible? Start with a great table (the centerpiece of the room) and work your way out from there.

4. Couch or Sofa
Your living room is only as comfortable as the seating. Be sure to get enough seating for your family and one or two guests.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

See Our December Deals!

Take a look at our December deals and promotions!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dozens of Beds to Choose From!

No matter your age, style, or comfort preference, we have a bed that's perfect for you! Come by to take a look at our wide selection to see how you can upgrade your bedroom with a new bed. Click here to see our selections online, or find our nearest location to drop by for a visit.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make the Perfect Bed, Today!

Home Decor Liquidators has everything you need to make the most comfortable and affordable bed! Just follow these steps to sleep soundlessly every night:

1. The Perfect Mattress
Choose the right size for you, followed by the perfect firmness to meet your needs. We have everything you need right here.

2. Choose Your Favorite Frame
All of our amazing frames fit standard size mattresses, and we have dozens of styles to choose from! 

3. Pillows and Comforter Sets
No bed is complete without the full comfort of pillows and comforters: and we have both!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making the Perfect Living Room

How to make a perfect living room with new furniture and a little ingenuity:

1. Start with seating- aim for something comfortable:

 2. Next, find some entertainment

3. Secure extra table space:

4. Don't forget to grab lighting:

5. Finally, find the perfect rug to tie the room together!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

4 Steps to Renovate Your Child's Bedroom

If it's time to renovate your child's bedroom, look no further! We have several options to completely revitalize their bedroom quickly and with an affordable budget:

1. New Beds
Start with a bed that suits your child or children's needs.

2. Dressers
From there, aim for proper storage areas to keep the room tidy.

3. Nightstands
Finally, take a look at nightstands to house bedtime and miscellaneous items! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Take Advantage of Our November Deals!

Come by to take advantage of our amazing deals this November!

Home Decor Liquidators sells first quality furniture and flooring acquired through closeouts, special buyouts, discontinues and liquidations by the truckload, and then we pass those great savings on to you. The items shown on our website are just a preview of the many products we carry at our Home Decor Liquidators stores.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Quick Guide to a Perfect Living Room

If you find yourself getting tired of your home, it might be time to shake up the status quo with a new look! Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Start with Great Seating:

Start your living room out with the most important part: the seating. Make sure you get enough space for everyone in the family and for occasional guests. Check out our couches and sectionals here.

Table Space is Key:

Next you want to find some tables to give you more space in your living room. You can look for coffee tables, end tables, or anything that suits your individual needs. We have some options for you here.

A Rug to Pull the Room Together:

A living room is never complete without a rug to pull together the look and feel of the room. Take a look at our options here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Best Furniture for the Best Price, Today!

We have everything you could need in new furniture, come by your nearest location to see what we have in stock!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Upgrading Your Dining Room

If you have become bored with the look and feel of your dining room, it may be time to upgrade your furniture. A new rug will go a long way, as will a lighting change, but what you may really need is a new table and chair set:

1. Something Classic

As the saying goes, "if it's not broke, don't fix it." Sometimes the classic wooden table sets are the best, and we have some great options for you.

2. Something New
If you're not a fan of the classics, try something a little more modern to spice up your home! 

3. Something for Two

A cozy house deserves cozy furniture. If there's no need to get a table for four, go for a set that will fit just to two of you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Come See Our Amazing October Deals!

Come take a look at our amazing deals for October! Save on many brands and items in the store today. Ask us how you can save by calling (770) 381-6100

Friday, September 20, 2013

September Deals Are Almost Up: Take Advantage Now!

September is almost over, have you taken advantage of the great deals we have right now? Check out our website to learn more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Check Out Our September Deals!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Redecorating for the Fall Season

1. Warm Lighting

Adding indirect light is a great way to give your home a nice, warming glow. We have many lighting sets that would be perfect for your new look!

2. A New Rug

A new rug can spice up your home and get you ready for the weather change. New rugs can bring out some color, while also making your room feel more comfortable.

3. Cozy Seating
Adding comfortable seating is a must for any home, and fall is a great time to start! Try to find seating that is both cozy and visually appealing, and be sure to make sure you new furniture matches the colors in your home. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Guide to Flooring

Whether your home is new or not, changing up your flooring can give you a new outlook on your house. If you are new to owning or renting, take a look at our quick guide to decide what's best for you!

If you are not ready to make a larger change to your home, consider grabbing some area rugs to bring some color and texture to your rooms. You can choose your own size and grab different rugs for different rooms to give each room its own special touch.

Tile Flooring
If you are ready to make a larger change, take a look at our flooring section. Here you can change find many different textures, colors, and looks to bring out your home's character, and add a nice feeling to each room. We have a wide variety of styles, so contact us today to learn how we can help you choose!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick and Simple Painting Tips

If you're moving into a new home, or simply want a change, painting your walls is a great way to make a home your own. Make sure you pick colors that match your furniture, or else replace some items to give your house a nice, cohesive look.

Choose your paint color: If you are painting as part of your Style Cure, now is the time to make the call on the color. This is an exciting moment! If you collected your chips this weekend, I'm guessing that you already have narrowed things down to your favorite. If not, take some time today and go through them again, look at them next to existing items in the room, tape or pin the swatches up in a few spots and see what speaks to you.

Don't be afraid to embrace what feels right. You can be confident that you are ready to choose. During the first seven days of the Cure, you've been doing quite a bit of really looking and thinking about design, while taking and collecting appealing images. You already know what you want and now, you just have to name it.

Think about a Decor "Pairing": While painting is probably the most powerful tool in a room refresh, your Cure will be more successful if you take on (at least) one other update to work on that will help to "complete" the room, just as a well-chosen wine does for food. This decor "pairing" can be large or small, a purchase or a diy project. Tomorrow, we can get into those details.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

3 Quick Redecorating Tips

Summer is in full swing, and it's a great time to open the windows and let the sunlight brighten up your home. It's also a great time to take a quick inventory of your house to see what's hot, and what's not. Here are 3 decorating tips that can help make your home feel new and fresh!

3. Add Complimentary Colors
A great way to compliment the color in your home is to find a rug for each room that matches in the perfect way. Think of it like adding harmony to a chorus: one tone off, and it might not work out. But if you get the colors just right, your rooms will have an amazing color scheme!

2. Replace the Old Couch 
We all own a couch that was given to us, purchased many years ago, or else mysteriously ended up in our home. It's time to replace it with something new and comfortable to make the entire house look and feel better!

1. Get New Lighting
A simple touch of light here and there will do wonders to your home, both by shedding a perfect mood at night, and by presenting a nice feel during the day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

3 Tips to Accent your Home

Every now and then, we all get a little bored with our home decoration. Whenever this happens there is a fun opportunity to mix up your surroundings and try something new! Start by reorganizing your furniture, then try to get a few new items to make your home feel new. Here's three things that might help with your renovation:

3. Rugs
A new rug might seem like a small adjustment, but it can really change a room's dynamics. Whether it it is as new style, texture, or color, a new rug will change the entire way you look at your house!

2. Throw Blankets
People often forget how amazing throw blankets can be, especially when they match the rugs, walls, or other furniture.

1. Bar or Dining Room Table
Many often say the most important room in the house is the kitchen, but we think it is actually where you spend time eating the food. Deck out your home with a stylish new table set to make your renovation more palpable!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Moving Season: Perfect Time for Change

Summers are traditionally the busiest times for landlords, as most leases tend to end between May and September. If you are moving this summer, it's a good idea to take a look at what you have, what you want to keep, and what you need to replace. Here are three pieces of furniture to consider replacing on your next move.

1. Bedding
Sheets and pillow cases are often ignored when they are in serious need of being replaced. If you start to notice any small tears, thinness in the fabric, or even unsightly stains, it is time to chuck out the old, and get some new sheets! Moving time is perfect for grabbing new sets, as you can get rid of your old sheets before you move and not have to carry any extra boxes to your new apartment.

2. Rugs
We all have that rug that we love to death, but sometimes you need to step back and take a look at what you're walking on. See the fraying edges? The stains? If so, it's time to get new rugs. Don't toss an old, unseemly rug in your new home or apartment, instead decorate in style with a fresh look!

3. Chairs
Do you ever find yourself in a chair that constantly squeaks, is fading, or has cracks in the wood? Moving time is perfect for replacing these, as the chairs might not even survive the trip in the moving truck. Brand new chairs will not only offer better (and quieter) comfort, but they will also give you a touch of style in your living room, kitchen, or dining room.

Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Whether you are replacing the old mattress, or just want to sleep better, there are a few things to remember when looking for a new mattress. Read on for the top three tips to grabbing the perfect mattress for you!

1. So Some Research
Decide which size mattress you need, how much you are willing to spend, and that type of mattress you are considering. When going to look at mattresses, it's always better to have something in mind so that you know what to expect, how much to spend, and what you can get with your particular budget. This can include knowing if you want Tempur-Pedic, sleep number, memory foam, firm vs hard, etc.

2. Start Higher
You spend a good portion of your life sleeping, don't ignore what you are sleeping on! This is one purchase you do not want to err on the side of spending too little. To sleep, you need to be comfortable, so be sure to lay on each mattress for 30 seconds to a minute before moving on.

3. Take Advantage of Great Deals
Once you find your perfect mattress, ask if there are any deals or warranties that might sweeten the pot. Mattresses are an investment, and you want to get as much out of your money as possible. Don't be afraid to haggle a little, and don't be afraid to ask more questions!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Unofficial Guide To Furniture Upgrades

1. Make a Plan
It happens to everyone at some point. You come home from work, look around your home, and realize that your furniture has lost its luster. Sometimes furniture wears down, sometimes you just get bored of seeing the same colors and designs. Either way, when you come to the decision to replace your furniture it is a good idea to make a plan of attack. Try and visualize a central theme (or set) for your new replacement furniture to ensure your home has a cohesive style and look. You don't want to mismatch everything if it can be easily avoided!

2. Choose Timeline
Timing is everything. If you have the budget to grab each new piece of furniture at the same time, you can make the transition in a single weekend. If you wish to purchase each piece individually, make a payment plan to do so, and slowly replace each item as you grab the new pieces of furniture. It may take a few months to make this happen, but just keep your goal in mind!

3. Choose Your Furniture
This part is easy- everyone loves furniture shopping. You can try out new beds, chairs, living room sets, etc all day long and not get tired of it! But you should also focus on what items fit your budget, which items will go well together, and even which colors will best suit your needs. Don't rush it, but be sure to take advantage of any promotions you find!

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