Friday, July 29, 2016

5 Summer Cleaning Essentials

Summer may be one of the best times to kick back and relax, but it’s the perfect time for germs to start working overtime. We’re not talking about airborne germs, as they thrive the most in the winter during flu season. These are the ones that produce mold and awful smells that you can’t seem to tell where they’re coming from. To help avoid cleaning even more than you have to, or worse having to throw items away, we’ve put together an essentials list for some of the most popular summer cleaning needs.

  1. Water Rings - Hot days call for cold drinks, but cold drinks on hot days mean bad things for wood. There is one trick to removing them though, and it involves something you store in the fridge. Weirdly, that item is mayonnaise, and if you spread it on and leave it for 15 minutes to an hour you’ll be mark free! Don’t leave it too long though, as the mayonnaise will spoil and become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
  2. Washer - The summer heat brings the mold out. One place that is prone to mold is your washer, and it might seem weird but you need to wash it. Run your washer with detergent on the hottest temperature it can be set at. After, let it air dry by leaving the door open before using again.
  3. Bathroom - Like your washer, this is a great place for mold to grow. When you shower, the humidity from the steam can leave water in lots of places that don’t easily dry out after getting damp. To prevent this from happening, run the bathroom’s fan while in the shower and for at least 15-30 minutes after. Also remember to leave the shower door or curtain open after exiting as it will allow the inside to dry faster and eliminate potential mold.
  4. Garbage Cans - No matter what time of the year, leftover food can make any garbage can smell rancid. But when the heat is increased, it seems to make it a hundred times worse. For outdoor cans, clean them at least once a month in the hotter months, as the stronger the smell the more it will attract unwanted animals.
  5. Grill - By now hopefully you’ve heard how dangerous those wire brushes are for your health. If not, it’s time to throw them out and use another tool. To give your grill a really good cleaning though you’ll need to remove the whole grid and clean with an oven cleaning solution. If removable, you should also clean the heating plates as it will allow for a better flow from your propane.

Summer cleaning may not be the most fun activity, but if you avoid it, things tend to get smelly. Do you have any other essential summer cleaning activities you do? Let us know in the comments section what’s on the top of your cleaning list.

Monday, July 25, 2016

4 Often Forgotten Living Room Essentials

One of the most common gathering places for any family or group of friends is the living room. From game night to watching the big game, many memories are made here. Decorating this space can be hard though, as you don’t want it to be too cluttered, but you also want to show off your style. Often times though, essential things can be left out if you’re a new apartment or homeowner. To help you make your living room a little more homey we’ve put together a list of essential, but often overlooked, items you should have in your living room.

Chair - Often times if you are a new home or apartment owner your first purchase is a sofa. But as soon as you start to invite guests over, it’s important to have separate seating for them. Although you might think your large couch is big enough for three people, there’s nothing worse than being a third wheel in that situation.

End Tables - Another first essential on your list will most likely be a coffee table to fill up the space between your TV and sofa. If it’s within budget, also consider getting a side table. End tables are great for setting down drinks without disturbing others in the room, and are a great place to hold lamps.

Area Rug - If your living room is already carpeted, then you’re free to move on from this paragraph. Area rugs add extra style and comfort to a room. They are essential for cold winters as they will keep your feet from the shock of an ice cold floor after watching a movie cuddled up under a blanket. You can also use them to show off your style, or add another color to the room for better matching elsewhere.

Proper Lighting - As we’ve said before, essential lighting in a room comes from three different light sources. If the only source of light in your living room is an overhead light, then your next purchase needs to be a table lamp. As we said before, end tables are essential for holding lamps, but stand alone lights also will bring great accent lighting to your space to make it feel more homey.

Did we miss anything that you think is essential to every living room, but is often forgotten? In the comments section, let us know your favorite forgotten piece. If you like any of the featured items in the post, you can find them online or at a store near you!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Futon: The Greatest Piece of Furniture

The word ‘great’ has many definitions, ranging from quality to quantity. Don’t get it twisted though, we’re talking about the quality. Whether you're living on your own for your first time, have kids, or even grandchildren, futons come in handy for all walks of life. The futon’s history can be traced back to Japan, as their original form was a quilted mattress that was placed directly on the floor. It wasn’t until 1982 when a Cambridge woodmaker saw an opportunity for the flexible bed.

Space Saver

One of the best parts about futons is the small amount of space they take up. They are perfect for any game room, living room, or studio apartment. By day they can be utilized as a normal couch for sitting and entertaining on, then at night when all the guests have left, or are staying for the night, it instantly transforms to a bed.

Low Price

You can find expensive futons, but for the most part they usually cost a lot less than the typical bed or sofa. This makes it great for the struggling college student or recent graduate. Also, they are great for grandparents who may not be able to afford a new bed for when their family comes over to stay the night.


Futons are great for anyone who has an ever-changing style. Because they are removable from their frame, you can easily cover your futon with any design that you choose. The removable mattress can also be easily replaced if the one you originally purchased becomes worn or uncomfortable. They also come in a variation of frame styles, from wood to metal. And if you don’t like how they look in one room, they’re light enough to move from room to room until you find the perfect place.

The versatility of futons are undeniable, they seamlessly switch between couch and bed. They also bring support that those old pull out couches could never compete with. When you sleep on a futon, it feels like your normal bed. In the comments section below, let us know what you think the greatest piece of furniture is! To purchase any of the futons pictured above, visit us online and at a store near you!

Friday, July 8, 2016

How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

There are few things that bring people together better than food. With that being said, it’s important that the place where we hold these gatherings be comfortable and welcoming. A dining room table will last you for years to come, and if you’re raising a family around one, it’ll be a place where they will have lots of memories. Because of all this, your decision on the style and size is very important. To help you choose the right one for you, we’ve come up with some tips to help you pick out the right one for you.


This factor is important in two ways, because of the amount of people you will be hosting at the table, and the amount of space you have to use. First, measure the room in which you will be placing the table. This will give you the best indication of how long a table you can purchase. You must also remember to leave space for the chairs to come out, and it’s recommended to have at least 36” between the table and wall. If you want it to be easily accesible to get around the table at all times, shoot for a slightly larger distance of 48”. Also consider the amount of people who will be sitting at the table, on both normal and special occasions. Do you have other guests that join you and your family? Consider a larger table than you may need if so, and look into one that may have a removable center board if you’re limited in your day to day space.


Choosing the right shape partially has to do with the size of space where your table will be located. For smaller rooms, consider a round table as it takes up less space, but also allows for comfortable seating all around. If you’re more of a traditionalist, then the rectangular table will be just what you’re looking for. For a more modern look, consider a perfectly square table. Square tables are harder to find in larger sizes, but can really impress your guests with its different vibe.


Last but not least is the texture. Are you looking for a durable table that will last for years to come with lots of use, or one that is meant to show off your style? For a more durable use, avoid purchasing an all wooden table as water can easily damage the finish and leave lasting impressions. For a fancier, modern look consider an all glass table. And if you need a table that is durable like wood, but easy to clean like glass, look into getting one with an epoxy finish.

Do you have any other important factors you consider when choosing the right table? Let us know in the comments section below! To purchase any of the tables featured in this blog, visit us online or find a showroom near you.
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