Friday, March 29, 2013

Beds with Drawers: Making Comfortable Space

Apartment Therapy has released a listing of this year’s best storage beds. This is one writer’s particular view. They said:
They are the perfect marriage of form and function. And, of course, they are an ideal small space solution. We've added a couple of new models to the annual roundup of best storage beds this year.” 
Check them out here, and be sure to go through the list below of our own versions that match with AT’s list.

Twin Pine Rake Bed with Drawers

Espresso Bunk Bed

4070 Queen Storage Bed

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Wine Servers

There’s no need to turn an old dresser into a wine server. You can still get that vintage feel from a couple of our servers. There are already sections ready for bottles of most types, so you won’t have to cut half-circles out of pieces of wood to glue on. You don’t have to do anything because it’s all there for you.

Matrix Gold Server

 Granite Kitchen Cart

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Living Room Setup Idea

Like this setup? You can imitate it with items from our inventory. Start with one of our sectionals and combine it with a coffee table and a tall black lamp. After that you can toss on personalized accessories to make your living room the most comfortable and expressive room in your home.

Thomas Black 2-Piece Sectional

San Marco 5-Piece Pit Group

Spider Black Lamp

Watson 3-Piece Table Set
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Children's Room Color Scheme

If you’re planning to redo a playroom or nursery room, how about this scheme? Pink and white or pale blue and white are great combinations for that gentle, soft feel that will make your younger ones comfortable. Before they begin liking dinosaurs or dancing, of course. You can replicate this arrangement with our bedroom package below, or purchase the items individually. Mix-and-match with both the pink and white packages’ individual items.

Pink Twin 3-Piece Bedroom

 White Twin 2-Piece Bedroom

947 Arm Chair

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Earth-Toned Living Room Ideas

If your living room has wooden floors, try to find matching colors for your furniture. Warm, earth tones would work best. We have a number of items from our inventory that would work beautifully.

First, no living room is complete without a couch--regardless of whether it’s there to laze on, providing seating for guests, or to sleep on. Try one of these few earth-toned couches of browns and beige.

M'Piece Chocolate Sofa 

Too Good Chocolate Sofa

1070 Chocolate Sofa

Cambridge Amber Sofa

Calcutta Coffee Sofa

Bicast Chocolate Sofa

Sierra Chocolate Sofa

Second, coffee and end tables. If end tables will crowd a small space, that’s okay. A coffee table can work just as well, and vice-versa depending on how much wall space you have compared with floor space. Try these varieties:

Watson 3-Piece Table Set
Murphy 3-Piece Occasional Pack

395T 3-Pack Occasional Set

Third, arm chairs. There’s always that one recliner that everyone uses to nap in, that fathers and grandfathers use to kick back and watch the game in while visiting. That lucky armchair during the Big Game, or the comfy one in a reading corner. Or how about the one that your pet always chooses. Try one of these:

Chocolate Recliner

Chocolate Oakwood Recliner

Robinsway Java Recliner

Light Brown Oakwood Recliner

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