Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fourth of July Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

The Fourth of July for many is peak summer time. We take off work, hang out with friends, and watch fireworks. For some, it also means hosting a social gathering at their house or apartment. If you are this year’s host, or have been a past host, then you understand the stress of making sure everything is red, white, and blue enough. To alleviate that stress we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for decorating and celebrating our nation’s independence.

Do - Display Flags

From flag poles to sticks, get as many flags for the holiday as you can. Sure it’s not Flag Day, but what other day can you wear an American flag bandana, t-shirt and shorts and be celebrated for your style? If you think you’ve got too many flags, then buy a few more. The flag is the most well known symbol of our country and it deserves to be seen by all. Plus you can save them for your Olympics watching parties in the upcoming months!

Don’t - Display Flags Improperly

Have you ever taken the time to learn the rules of displaying a flag? Remember people have given years of their life and lost many friends protecting what this flag stands for. Don’t ever use the flag as a tablecloth, and remember to inform the children about not letting it touch the ground, even if it’s just a small stick version.

Do - Cover Everything in Red, White, and Blue  

Like we said before, this is the one day you can go all out and no one has the right to judge you. If you are hosting, it’s your job to make sure everything that a guest might touch has some shade of red, white or blue. And if you’re working with a budget, skip the American flag printed items and get the solid colored items, like napkins plates and even flowers.

Don’t - Buy Expensive Decorations

Unlike most other holidays, we as Americans don’t generally pre-decorate for this holiday as we do others. Go for the cheap stuff, because at the end of the night it’s a lot easier to throw things out than it is to wash and put away. Come late Monday night the realization that you have to work in the morning will hit you, and very hard. Keep it simple with plastic cups, paper plates and lots of cheap streamers and hanging decorations.

Do - Be Careful
One of the best parts about Independence Day is the fireworks. From sparklers to city-wide celebrations, the flashing lights attract our eyes. This Fourth of July make sure anything that can catch on fire is far away from any display you set up. Be the example and teach young kids the importance of safety and make sure none of the prideful decorations you put up don’t come down in flames.

Do you have any other Independence Day decorating tips? Let us know in the comments section below! Have a happy and safe Fourth of July from all of us at Home Decor Outlets.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How To Choose The Right Sofa

The staple piece for traditional American living rooms and game rooms is the sofa. It’s where families meet for discussions, to watch cartoons and cheer on their favorite hometown teams to victory. Unfortunately, sofas are also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture, so picking one isn’t just an easy decision. There are many things to consider before even heading to the store, like a budget and how much room you have for one. To help you pick out the right sofa, we’ve come up with a short list that covers nearly all the aspects of a new sofa.

  1. Size - This is definitely the first and most import thing to consider when purchasing a sofa. Not only do you want to measure the area in which you’ll be putting it, but also the hallways, stairs and door frames to guarantee you can get it there. Another great way to understand the amount of space it will eventually take up is to cut out a paper outline of the sofa. You can then move it around and see the possible places it can be positioned.
  2. Color - If you’re an indecisive person, then this is a decision you should sleep on, maybe a couple nights just to be sure. If you want to go with a calming feel to your room, try a sofa that is similar or matching to the room or curtains. If you have more of a bold personality, consider using the sofa as a statement piece that will catch any viewer's attention.  And remember although the color may seem permanent, you can always have a couch upholstered.  

  1. Feel - This factor is one that you may overlook at first, but then quickly realize how important it is. Avoid buying a sofa online, as even the most descriptive words will not give you the true feeling. If you’re looking for a long lasting, supportive couch then a traditional foam cushions is what you’ll want. On the other hand if you prefer a softer, more relaxing couch go for one that is feather, as it will give you that sinking feeling you’re looking for after a hard day’s work.
  2. Design - One of the last things to consider is the basic design of the sofa. If you’re looking for a couch that fits a large number of people on it, choose one that has three cushions. When there’s only two it forces the third to have to sit on the crack of the cushions, and no one likes the feeling of sinking in between the cushions. Also consider how high off the ground you want the couch. For rooms with ceilings lower than 8 feet, choose a sofa that sits closer to the ground. Also, consider the leg or no leg look for your sofa. If you’re the type that likes lots of end tables, using a skirt to cover up the legs will make the room seem less cluttered.

Do you have any other factors that you take into consideration when choosing a sofa? Let us know in the comments below! You can also find the sofas pictured above in a store near you or online as well.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Decorating Tips

The Summer Solstice takes place on June 20 and marks the first official day of summer. If you haven’t already begun to change over your decor for the warmer months, then now is the time. Put away your throw blankets and bring out the beach chairs and volleyball nets. With longer hours of light, it means that those bright colors we love to decorate with are back in style. From the blues to the yellows, break out all the summer decor you can find. To add to your current collection, we’ve put together a few ideas that you can make yourself, or purchase, to truly bring all the summer vibes to your living spaces.


If you travel to the beach this summer, then try to remember to grab some seashells of all sizes. They can be made into multiple DIY projects for use all around your house. For those larger conch shells, rinse and bleach them to eliminate the smell and then fill them with water to make a vase for flowers. If you find a number of seashells for that are similar in size, with some hot glue and a couple screws you can turn any dresser into a beach themed masterpiece. Lastly, if you have any open, shallow shells, use them as candle holders or a place to grow a small succulent plant.


One of the best parts about summer is spending time outside. It may be hot during the day, but once that sun starts to set the real fun always begins. Bring your indoor life outside and enjoy the weather with throw pillows for your chairs and tablecloths for more proper dinners outside. Another great idea to help you spend more time outside is converting an old cot that you may have to an outdoor daybed/couch. Push the cot up against a wall and add the throw pillows and you’re good to go. Another great way to give any of your outdoor or indoor lights that summer nautical feeling is by roping them. Take some glue, old or new rope, and layer it on top of itself while you glue it around the lamp.


Here’s a simple way to brighten up your front door. We often only associate wreaths with the winter months and holidays, but these ideas will change not only your mind but your guests’ minds the moment that they walk through your door. The first simple summer wreath you can make is with an old sun hat. Take one of those oversized straw hats that you thought was cool and stylish at the time and add some wild flowers, or fake, bright colored flowers directly into the top of the hat. Another wreath idea is simply using summer flowers for your wreath, such as sunflowers or pansies.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for the summer months? Let us know in the comments section below and tag us in any of your best summer decor photos on Facebook!   

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day Do's and Don'ts

Image via Pixabay

When it comes to getting Dad a gift it can be hard. Whether he’s your best friend or just someone you look up to, make this the one day of the year where it’s just about him. Some of his favorite presents from you were probably before you even had a bank account and were made of macaroni. The reason parents like these gifts is because they come from the heart, not the wallet. But if you’re going to get your dad an expensive gift this year, make it one that is practical, one that he can use more than once. To give you a better idea of the things he will and won’t like, we’ve put together a list of ideas for you. And you can trust us on this one, as all of the research was done from hands on experience and fatherly disappointment.


Tie - Unless your dad is a CEO of a fortune 500 company, he most likely doesn’t wear ties unless it’s to a funeral. Ties have become a thing of the past, like corded phones and Walkmans.

Collared Shirt - Although you may know your dad’s shirt size, that doesn’t mean you should go shopping for him. Plus if he has a job, then it’s more than likely he already has enough shirts or he would have been fired by now.

Classic CD - His favorite band’s best-selling CD may sound like a great idea, but it’s 2016 and the only people who buy CDs are those who actually work in the music industry. If you want to get him the gift of music, buy him a subscription to one of the major streaming services for 6 months or a year.

BBQ items - Because it’s June and the weather warms up, you’ve probably celebrated the holiday before by having a cookout. But if you’re heading back to your parent's house to celebrate this way again, avoid any played out aprons or cheap BBQ equipment. (Chances are he already has a nice set of utensils if he’s inviting you over to eat!)


Tickets - If your dad is a big baseball fan than this is a no brainer. Plus you can get a ticket for yourself, and give you and him another special day. If he doesn’t like baseball try another sport, most teams will sell tickets for games months in advance.

Recliner - Does your dad have a mancave? Update his seating with a new comfy recliner. Even if he doesn’t, we’re sure he’d love a new place to watch his favorite TV shows and sporting events. Although expensive, this is one gift dad will always remember you got him.

Tech Help - As bad as it sounds there’s probably something that your dad owns that he doesn’t know how to use, or use to its fullest potential. Helping the older generations with technology may be stressful, but once they understand it they’ll stop bothering you about it.

Alcohol - When it comes to a great tasting, smooth alcohol, your dad probably only gets it for special occasions. So make his day special and get his favorite drink along with some ice and mixers if applicable. If you don’t know what he likes then ask your mom or his friends. (We’re sure you could easily find one of his friends on Facebook!)

If you’re a dad reading this let us know in the comments below what your favorite gift you’ve received for Father’s day. And if you’re not a dad, happy shopping! Happy Father’s Day from all of at Home Decor Outlets!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Basement

According to scientists you can’t help but get bored of some things. Once the “wow” factor has been initiated so many times, our brains need something different to bring those feelings back. Luckily, when it comes to decorating your house, things can be changed around as often as you want. And if changing the layout doesn’t work, there’s always affordable decor that can instantly bring any room new life. One room that may need changing in your house is the basement. Whether you use your basement for quality family time, or your kids use at as a hangout with friends, we have something that will improve your room.  

  1. Futon - When your kids, or even you, have friends over to hang out for the night sometimes things last longer than expected. A futon eliminates the need for a spare bed or that dreaded trip home after midnight. Easily transform the couch to a bed, and it’s also perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons as well.

  1. Media Center - If you have lots of video games, remotes, DVDs or board games that are clogging your basement, then this will improve the space instantly. Ditch the standalone table that holds your TV now, and help clean up and improve the space. A media center not only helps eliminate clutter, but it can bring a new style to your basement. Spice it up even more by repainting or redesigning it.

  1. Accent Furniture - For much of our life we’ve been told to fit in, or match things so they look “right.” Throw that mindset out the window and go out and get a piece of furniture that some might think doesn’t work with the rest of your decor. If anything, it will serve as a conversation piece for when a new guest comes over.

  1. Recliner - Possibly the most comfortable of all furniture, a recliner is sure to bring some new life to your basement. Although it may also bring a couple disputes as to who gets to sit in it, everyone is sure to love the relaxation that they bring.

  1. Floor Lamp - Let’s face it, traditional overhead lighting and table lamps are boring. Bring new life to your space with a new light for the room. The best part about floor lamps is how unique each one of them are. You can find ones that are straight up and down, or ones that have moveable lights, allowing you to shine light on any part of the room.

Have any other ideas on how to spice up a basement? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you like any of the items featured in this article, find a showroom nearest you or visit us online!
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