Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Ways To Update Your Dresser

Over time, as humans, we tend to get bored with things. There’s a reason fashion has a new style line that comes out quarterly, and it’s because we like new things. In fact, with the invention of the smartphone, our attention spans have dropped to below that of a goldfish. So if you would consider yourself an average human, then that means you probably like to switch things up from time to time. But that’s easier said than done when it comes to your furniture. One easy update is reworking furniture you already have. To help you update your bedroom, we decided to put together a list of some simple ways to make your dresser look brand new, or at least start a conversation the next time someone sees it!  

  1. Give It An Ombre - Although you may have thought about doing this for your hair, it’s also a great way to improve your dresser. If you already have a color scheme for your room, then head to the paint section at your local hardware store to get the other shades. You can paint each dresser drawer a different color, or if you want to go all out, paint the whole dresser ombre styled.
  2. Magnetic Paint - Why let the fridge have all the fun with magnets? Magnetic paint is great for walls when you want to constantly hang new items - but don’t stop there! If you’re into changing things by seasons then this is the right pick for you. Add and remove and magnetic object you like. And if you really want to go wild, remove the dresser’s handles and use magnets instead.
  3. Replace Handles - Like we mentioned with magnetic paint, replacing the handles can give your dresser that spice you’ve been looking for. You can go all out and search through vintage stores to find handles, or go for a much less sophisticated look and use old toys. To use toys, cut them in half and screw them in like you would with any other handle.
  4. Bold Paint - If you’re really looking to turn heads and start a conversation, then go bold. Paint each dresser drawer a different color. Go extra bold with bright colors, or for a more subtle look, use a different shade of wood stain on each drawer. Either way, having different color drawers will attract anyone who sees your new and improved dresser.
  5. Redesign the Inside - Although it’s usually seen as a sign of laziness or lack of cleanliness when your dresser drawers aren’t closed all the way, a redesign could change that. This can be done multiple ways, using paint, markers or wallpaper. The best and easiest way to do this is to fully remove your drawers from the dresser and then put them back in after the redesign.  

Do you have any other ideas to makeover a dresser that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!


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