Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Decorating Tips

The Summer Solstice takes place on June 20 and marks the first official day of summer. If you haven’t already begun to change over your decor for the warmer months, then now is the time. Put away your throw blankets and bring out the beach chairs and volleyball nets. With longer hours of light, it means that those bright colors we love to decorate with are back in style. From the blues to the yellows, break out all the summer decor you can find. To add to your current collection, we’ve put together a few ideas that you can make yourself, or purchase, to truly bring all the summer vibes to your living spaces.


If you travel to the beach this summer, then try to remember to grab some seashells of all sizes. They can be made into multiple DIY projects for use all around your house. For those larger conch shells, rinse and bleach them to eliminate the smell and then fill them with water to make a vase for flowers. If you find a number of seashells for that are similar in size, with some hot glue and a couple screws you can turn any dresser into a beach themed masterpiece. Lastly, if you have any open, shallow shells, use them as candle holders or a place to grow a small succulent plant.


One of the best parts about summer is spending time outside. It may be hot during the day, but once that sun starts to set the real fun always begins. Bring your indoor life outside and enjoy the weather with throw pillows for your chairs and tablecloths for more proper dinners outside. Another great idea to help you spend more time outside is converting an old cot that you may have to an outdoor daybed/couch. Push the cot up against a wall and add the throw pillows and you’re good to go. Another great way to give any of your outdoor or indoor lights that summer nautical feeling is by roping them. Take some glue, old or new rope, and layer it on top of itself while you glue it around the lamp.


Here’s a simple way to brighten up your front door. We often only associate wreaths with the winter months and holidays, but these ideas will change not only your mind but your guests’ minds the moment that they walk through your door. The first simple summer wreath you can make is with an old sun hat. Take one of those oversized straw hats that you thought was cool and stylish at the time and add some wild flowers, or fake, bright colored flowers directly into the top of the hat. Another wreath idea is simply using summer flowers for your wreath, such as sunflowers or pansies.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for the summer months? Let us know in the comments section below and tag us in any of your best summer decor photos on Facebook!   

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