Thursday, June 2, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Basement

According to scientists you can’t help but get bored of some things. Once the “wow” factor has been initiated so many times, our brains need something different to bring those feelings back. Luckily, when it comes to decorating your house, things can be changed around as often as you want. And if changing the layout doesn’t work, there’s always affordable decor that can instantly bring any room new life. One room that may need changing in your house is the basement. Whether you use your basement for quality family time, or your kids use at as a hangout with friends, we have something that will improve your room.  

  1. Futon - When your kids, or even you, have friends over to hang out for the night sometimes things last longer than expected. A futon eliminates the need for a spare bed or that dreaded trip home after midnight. Easily transform the couch to a bed, and it’s also perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons as well.

  1. Media Center - If you have lots of video games, remotes, DVDs or board games that are clogging your basement, then this will improve the space instantly. Ditch the standalone table that holds your TV now, and help clean up and improve the space. A media center not only helps eliminate clutter, but it can bring a new style to your basement. Spice it up even more by repainting or redesigning it.

  1. Accent Furniture - For much of our life we’ve been told to fit in, or match things so they look “right.” Throw that mindset out the window and go out and get a piece of furniture that some might think doesn’t work with the rest of your decor. If anything, it will serve as a conversation piece for when a new guest comes over.

  1. Recliner - Possibly the most comfortable of all furniture, a recliner is sure to bring some new life to your basement. Although it may also bring a couple disputes as to who gets to sit in it, everyone is sure to love the relaxation that they bring.

  1. Floor Lamp - Let’s face it, traditional overhead lighting and table lamps are boring. Bring new life to your space with a new light for the room. The best part about floor lamps is how unique each one of them are. You can find ones that are straight up and down, or ones that have moveable lights, allowing you to shine light on any part of the room.

Have any other ideas on how to spice up a basement? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you like any of the items featured in this article, find a showroom nearest you or visit us online!


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