Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great ways to decorate a canopy bed

Canopy beds…they never really go out of style! We like them so much we carry 2 different styles: The emperor set and the black metal canopy set.

We love both these beds for different reasons. The emperor bed, well…just look at it! It’s a big, bad, beautiful bed. We’ve heard of customers draping silky cloth from the metal cross bar canopy, threading white Christmas lights around the bars, even putting candles on top of the posts (we recommend electric tea lights!) It’s a beautiful bed already, but there are lots of ways you can make it “yours.”

The black metal canopy bed is great too, just with a more minimalist design. It’s got clean lines and a modern feel with a touch of vintage charm. The canopy bars around the frame top allow for some serious creativity. We’ve heard of folks draping fabric over the bars, hanging streamers from each post...and those mini Chinese lantern lights would make a great touch for a kid’s room!

Want even more decorating options? Here are some of our favorite ideas from Pinterest:

The best part about these ideas is that most of them don’t require a “real” canopy bed to work. A regular bed will do. The sky’s the limit! 


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