Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is memory foam?


You know memory foam when you feel it, and you probably know that it's a common material for soft, luxurious mattresses, but how much do you actually know about this unique material? What exactly is "memory foam," and why is it such a popular choice for mattresses and pillows?

Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin pressure as a result. It enables natural movement at night by absorbing energy during transfer of movement. Memory Foam molds to the body and has the ability to conform to the body's shape and then return to its natural form.

Home Decor Liquidators Visco Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin and joint pressure as a result, while enabling natural movement at night by absorbing energy during transfer of movement. Our special formulas maximize weight distribution, reducing pressure points on the body. This spreads your weight evenly completely removing pressure points.

New formulas from 2nd generation memory foam keep it from retaining more heat. The density (weight measurement of the substance in each square foot) can be a measure of quality, but medium to slow recovery time is the best description for maximum support. 

Using more fillers and chemicals may increase the density of memory foam, but our semi-breathable/slow recovery 3-4lb. and 4-5lb. Visco-Elastic foam from Home Decor Liquidators doesn't use those chemicals because they would harm the environment. Besides taking away from our "Green" story, they really don't provide any additional support.

Now available in our product line are Castor Bean Oil, Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam, with up to 45% Natural Bamboo fiber and Aloe-Vera treated fabrics to produce a soft feel. These are all components that make Home Decor Liquidators manufacturing First-Class. 

Benefits of Using Memory Foam:

Memory Foam improves the circulation of blood and oxygen allowing it to flow freely through the body, thusly eliminating tossing and turning. Studies have shown the more oxygen rich content in the blood, the stronger your immune system will be. So, with memory foam, the body receives more rest in less time, providing a higher quality of sleep.

The 2 most common benefits of quality sleep are (a) improving one's mental performance/memory and (b) increasing one's physical stamina.

Memory Foam reduces allergens significantly more than other sleeping surfaces. The close proximity of memory foam cells prevent humidity (which causes mold) or breeding of dust mites.

Genuine Memory Foam lasts 2-3 times longer than innerspring mattresses.

History of Memory Foam:

Memory Foam was created in the 1970's by NASA. Scientists were commissioned in the development of a new material to reduce the impact and injury of space travel. The result was a foam with high-energy absorption and the ability to dissipate the pressure on impact. Visco-Elastic Foam was created for astronauts' flight chairs to help reduce pressure points created by G-Forces that are generated during take off.

In the 1980's Memory Foam was introduced to the commercial markets in the areas of medical seat cushions, mattresses, and pillows.

Customer Concerns:

The most common complaint with Memory Foam mattresses is the increased likelihood of feeling warm at night. This is due primarily to Memory Foam's high density making it harder for heat to escape. The denser the foam, the greater the potential for restricted airflow.

When using a more open cell structure, memory foam allows heat to escape, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. Home Decor Liquidators Genuine Memory Foam mattresses use the most supportive and slowest recovering memory foam, while still being able to dissipate heat via a semi-open cell structure. Furthermore, Home Decor Liquidators initial layer of Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam, closest to the surface, combined with a layer of quilting further reduce the potential for trapped heat.

We strongly believe in the benefits of this product, and if you give it a chance, so will you. 


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