Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Do I Need a Rug Pad?

Did you know…that a rug pad is as much to protect you as it is to protect your floor? A pad is great for keeping your rug in place when you step on it (so you don’t go flying!) but it also serves as a buffer between the underside of the rug (which can be very rough) and a hardwood floor or carpet, which can both sustain damage from a rough rug. Check out this article for more info, and don’t forget to pick up a rug pad the next time you’re in a Home Decor!

Area rugs accent a decorating theme, add warmth and create focal points in a room. Use of a rug pad underneath an area rug increases its lifetime and functionality. Most rug pads are fabricated from synthetic materials with nonslip, acoustic properties.

Rug pads are sized to fit underneath area rugs, from edge to edge. They can be trimmed to fit without showing. Rug pads are made for the type of floor or carpet underneath the area rug. For example, a rug pad for hardwood flooring is heavy polyester and PVC. A thin polyester pad is used between carpet and an area rug.

Rug pads keep an area rug in position, preventing bunching and sliding. A rug pad keeps an area rug from becoming a slip hazard.

Rug pads reduce wear and tear on an area rug by preventing the rug fibers, especially wool or cotton, from crushing. Rug pads provide ventilation between the floor and the rug. They make vacuuming more effective by allowing air flow and preventing embedded dirt.

Other Benefits
Rug pads help absorb impact and soften noise. Rug pads provide additional cushioning that adds comfort to an area rug.

Benefits for the Floor
A rug pad protects hardwood or laminate flooring from being scratched by the backing on an area rug. A dark area rug should have a rug pad underneath it to keep color from bleeding through onto carpet or light-colored flooring.

We would also add…our rug pads are made of a lightweight, flexible material that can be easily cut with a pair of scissors. This lets you size the pad to your specific rug. And the extra pieces are super useful for opening jars as rubber grips and keeping kitchen cutting boards from slipping!


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