Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frequently asked questions about our free layaway

Here are some frequently asked questions about our online layaway program. Already know all of this? Go here to get started!

Q.  What Does It Cost Me To Open An Online Layaway Account?

A.  While some online companies charge a transaction or membership fee, it’s FREE to open your Online Layaway Account today at Home Décor Liquidators.

Q.  What Is The Interest Rate That I Will Be Charged?

A.  Zero Interest! There are no hidden costs or mounting interest charges.  Just pay the cost of the merchandise and the product is yours!

Q.  Do I First Need To Be Approved Before I Can Open An Online Layaway?

A.  No!  There are no special requirements or credit checks to qualify.

Q.  How Does HDL Layaway Online Work?

A.  Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Shop:  Select the items that you would like to purchase using our Online Layaway Plan.
  2. Flexible Payment Schedule: Our built-in calculator allows you to break down your online order’s purchase price over two to six months. This is only a suggested payment amount. You can choose to pay an amount other than the suggested amount. Select the number of months that you would like to pay. You will receive your order once it is paid in full.
  3. Receive Merchandise:  Decide what date that you would like to acquire your merchandise for up to six months.  Some items are available for immediate pickup or delivery. Other items may require up to two weeks notice.  Select which store is closest to you for easy pick up.  For delivery, we can recommend an independent delivery service, within a 20-mile radius of each store.  

Q.  How Do I Make Additional Payments To My Account?

A.  After you make the initial deposit to your account there are several ways for you to make a payment.

  1. Go online, sign in to your account, and choose “Make A Payment.” Enter the amount of your next payment due and follow the instructions.  To receive your merchandise sooner, you can pay more than the minimum required.
  2. Instead of paying online, mail a payment via check or money order to our corporate office located at 4227 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite 103 Bldg. 11, Duluth, GA 30096.  Your payment will be credited to your account immediately.
  3. Or, you can make a payment in any one of our Home Décor Liquidators stores in your area.

Q.  Can I Cancel My Online Layaway?

A.  Yes you can!  You can cancel your layaway for up to ten (10) days after submitting the initial order online with no cancellation fee.  After ten (10) days, the money paid in is applied to store credit.  After 6 months of no payment activity, a $5.00 service charge, per month, will be charged to the customer’s account.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to clean microfiber furniture

Microfiber furniture is a very hot trend these days, and for good reason. It’s soft and luxurious, it’s affordable, and it’s resistant to stains and lint. Still, sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, it’s best to be prepared. Home Decor offers a 3-year accident protection plan that you can purchase with your microfiber furniture to protect your investment in case a spill happens. Just call the warranty company as soon as an accident occurs and they can take care of it.

If for some reason you didn’t get the warranty, and you get a stain on your furniture, you can spot clean it yourself with these easy steps:

Minor spills and stains

Gently wipe away any spills on your microfiber as soon as they occur. Should staining occur, use a combination of mild detergent, like dish detergent, and water. Gently apply the cleaner to your microfiber using a clean cloth.

Before applying any cleaning solution to stained area be sure to it on a small, unnoticeable area of your furniture to ensure that it doesn’t cause further damage.

Allow newly cleaned area to air-dry.

Stubborn stains

Clean stubborn odor causing stains, such as pet urine, with a combination of white vinegar and distilled water. Gently apply cleaner to stains using a clean cloth.

Before applying any cleaning solution to stained area be sure to it on a small, unnoticeable area of your furniture to ensure that it doesn’t cause further damage.

Sprinkle newly cleaned area with baking soda while it is still damp and vacuum away once dry.

Only spot washing is recommended. Never attempt to clean an entire microfiber item yourself.

Ongoing furniture care

It is recommended that microfiber furniture be steam-cleaned yearly. Never attempt to steam clean microfiber items yourself. Instead, consult a company that provides a professional cleaning service.

Everyday care

Lightly clean your item with a lint roller once a week to remove any surface lint or dust that may have accumulated. If you have pets that shed you may want to use a lint roller on your microfiber more frequently.

Vacuum microfiber furniture once every other week.  If your furniture has removable cushions, use special vacuum attachments to ensure that you have removed any dirt and/or dust from under each piece.

Read more here.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is memory foam?


You know memory foam when you feel it, and you probably know that it's a common material for soft, luxurious mattresses, but how much do you actually know about this unique material? What exactly is "memory foam," and why is it such a popular choice for mattresses and pillows?

Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin pressure as a result. It enables natural movement at night by absorbing energy during transfer of movement. Memory Foam molds to the body and has the ability to conform to the body's shape and then return to its natural form.

Home Decor Liquidators Visco Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin and joint pressure as a result, while enabling natural movement at night by absorbing energy during transfer of movement. Our special formulas maximize weight distribution, reducing pressure points on the body. This spreads your weight evenly completely removing pressure points.

New formulas from 2nd generation memory foam keep it from retaining more heat. The density (weight measurement of the substance in each square foot) can be a measure of quality, but medium to slow recovery time is the best description for maximum support. 

Using more fillers and chemicals may increase the density of memory foam, but our semi-breathable/slow recovery 3-4lb. and 4-5lb. Visco-Elastic foam from Home Decor Liquidators doesn't use those chemicals because they would harm the environment. Besides taking away from our "Green" story, they really don't provide any additional support.

Now available in our product line are Castor Bean Oil, Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam, with up to 45% Natural Bamboo fiber and Aloe-Vera treated fabrics to produce a soft feel. These are all components that make Home Decor Liquidators manufacturing First-Class. 

Benefits of Using Memory Foam:

Memory Foam improves the circulation of blood and oxygen allowing it to flow freely through the body, thusly eliminating tossing and turning. Studies have shown the more oxygen rich content in the blood, the stronger your immune system will be. So, with memory foam, the body receives more rest in less time, providing a higher quality of sleep.

The 2 most common benefits of quality sleep are (a) improving one's mental performance/memory and (b) increasing one's physical stamina.

Memory Foam reduces allergens significantly more than other sleeping surfaces. The close proximity of memory foam cells prevent humidity (which causes mold) or breeding of dust mites.

Genuine Memory Foam lasts 2-3 times longer than innerspring mattresses.

History of Memory Foam:

Memory Foam was created in the 1970's by NASA. Scientists were commissioned in the development of a new material to reduce the impact and injury of space travel. The result was a foam with high-energy absorption and the ability to dissipate the pressure on impact. Visco-Elastic Foam was created for astronauts' flight chairs to help reduce pressure points created by G-Forces that are generated during take off.

In the 1980's Memory Foam was introduced to the commercial markets in the areas of medical seat cushions, mattresses, and pillows.

Customer Concerns:

The most common complaint with Memory Foam mattresses is the increased likelihood of feeling warm at night. This is due primarily to Memory Foam's high density making it harder for heat to escape. The denser the foam, the greater the potential for restricted airflow.

When using a more open cell structure, memory foam allows heat to escape, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. Home Decor Liquidators Genuine Memory Foam mattresses use the most supportive and slowest recovering memory foam, while still being able to dissipate heat via a semi-open cell structure. Furthermore, Home Decor Liquidators initial layer of Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam, closest to the surface, combined with a layer of quilting further reduce the potential for trapped heat.

We strongly believe in the benefits of this product, and if you give it a chance, so will you. 
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