Friday, January 11, 2013

Impressive Entryways

Your entryway is usually the first impression people receive of your home. You can create your own version of this setup with our sofa tables, bookcases, and runner rugs. 

First, start off with a coffee sofa. Below is a selection of them from our inventory.

Watson Sofa Table

Wilder Sofa Table

Murphy Sofa Table

Margilles Sofa Table

Second, put up a bookcase or two, depending on your available space. Try to match the color tones with the sofa table, if you can.

Dawson Ridge 60" Cherry Bookcase

Breckenridge 60" Oak Bookcase

Finally, lay down a runner rug. It will cover a long expanse of space and provide excellent cover for when you’re treading in road salt or dirt from outside. Below is a selection of rugs from our inventory.

Dahlia Terracotta 2x8 Rug

Cha Cha Onyx 2x8 Rug

Zara Onyx 2x8 Rug

Lotus Burgundy 2x8 Rug

Be sure to check out our website for more great inventory options:


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