Friday, April 5, 2013

Tips for Picking a Pillow

Picking out a pillow is often a difficult endeavor. We all have different requirements for sleep: elevation of our heads, firm or soft pillows, some of us can’t stand feathers, some can’t stand cotton, some don’t know what their original pillow was made of. And of course, it’s not as if you can easily lay upon the floor in order to test the pillow in the store, because of how dirty the floor is and how different pillow will be upon a mattress. However, here are tips for picking out a pillow, as well as a sampling of our pillow inventory.

King Deluxe Latex Pillow

1) No cushioning lasts forever. In general, get yourself a new sleeping pillow every two years.

Queen Down Feather Pillow

2) Before shopping for a new pillow, answer these key questions. Do you sleep on your back? Do you cuddle with your pillow, or do you prefer something dense and solid? Are allergies an issue? With your answers in hand, you can immediately cut your choices in half.

Queen Micro Latex Pillow

3) Don't equate price to quality. Down pillows are generally the most expensive, but their customer satisfaction isn't as high as many lower-cost types, and aren't even appropriate for many sleepers.

Queen/King Superb Pillow

4) If you do prefer down or feather pillows, spend a little more to get a higher percentage of down. Feathers often poke through the casings, and aren't as soft as down.

Queen Deluxe Down Pillow

5) Before buying a pillow, check all the sewing. You want tight, well-sewn seams.

Queen Crown Pillow

Follow this link for more information and check out our website for more great inventory options:


Daisy Rogers said...

Outstanding share!!!
These are the major point we should keep in our mind before to buy or pic up the feather pillows online or from door to door shopping.
I also share this.
Thanks for the lovely tips.
Keep it up!!!

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