Friday, June 7, 2013

Make Summer Visitors Feel Right at Home

If your house tends to have a lot of guests over during the summer months, it may be time to revamp that guest room - or even start repurposing that spare room into one! And with products from Home Decor Liquidators, it’s simple to create a comfortable, functional, and versatile space that aims to please whoever’s dropping in for the weekend.

Give that guest room that comfortable, personal “cottage” feel with an vanity mirror with stool:

If visits from guests are only occasional - but you’d still like to be prepared - consider building a convertible futon. Use your new guest room as a den, and convert it to a nice, livable bedroom with a futon frame...

...and a comfy foam futon mattress:

Or, give your guests true VIP status, with a queen-sized canopy bed - truly fit for a queen. 

Check out Home Decor Liquidators on the web for more great inventory options! 


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