Friday, April 11, 2014

Hiding Spots and Fun Games for Easter

Photo by Caitlin Childs

Kids love hunting for Easter eggs and parents love watching their kiddos run around searching for them. If you don’t have a large yard around your home to hide the eggs, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of great hiding spots that you can try in your home as well as several spins on the traditional egg hunting game that you can try to make it even more fun.

Below are some of our favorite egg hiding spots and games:

Hiding Spots

  1. Under sofas and other furniture are great spots because they provide just enough peeking space for children to see, but not so much that it isn’t challenging.
  2. In centerpieces and other decorative dishes can provide clever camouflage for pastel colored eggs.


  1. You can make the Easter egg hunt a learning game too without children even realizing. When you fill the eggs with candy form a secret word by putting the letters to spell it out on eggs of the same color. Once all the eggs are collected kids can put the eggs together to unscramble the secret word.
  2. Make one of the eggs a ‘golden’ egg by painting it gold. Hide it a tougher-to-find spot and tell the egg hunters that the one that finds it will get an extra prize. You can decide on what to offer as a prize.
  3. Following the golden egg rule, you can treat the egg hunt like a treasure hunt and give kids a treasure map to help guide them. The one that collects the most ‘treasure’ will be deemed captain for the day.
These are just a few ideas that you can try out, but there are many more ways to make Easter egg hunting at home fun! Feel free to share any ideas or games you like to do for your own egg hunts with us.


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