Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tips To Help Protect Furniture When Moving

Photo by Vermont Timber
Moving can be stressful and the last thing anyone wants is to damage furniture and other home decor in the process. Before you start moving your furniture from your old home to a new one, there a few precautions you should take to decrease the risk of damage. Below we have listed a few furniture moving tips.

  1. Disassemble if possible - Some pieces can be taken apart into smaller items, making it easier to handle and less bulky to move. However, you have to be expertly organized and make sure to keep all of the parts together, so that you can put it back together again. 
  2. Wrap it up - Carefully wrap your furniture with plastic or bubble wrap and/or disposable moving pads. Put extra layers on fragile items. Depending on how long it will be packed up, wood furniture doesn't preserve well with plastic wrap, so protect it with the pads instead. 
  3. Mark fragile - When packing up smaller fragile decor and items, mark them as fragile. That way, extra care will be taken when moving and arranging them during your move.
  4. Secure - Be sure to tie down heavy items and furniture in your moving truck to prevent them from shifting and toppling during transit. You can use bungee cords or straps to secure them.
Preparing and protecting your furniture during a move can help limit stress and costs that can result from the damage. If you would like more information on our furniture protection plan or would like one of our items delivered to your home, visit our site or a store near you


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