Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Tips For Updating Your Fall Decor

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The leaves are starting to change and the air is getting cooler, which means fall has arrived with all of its beautiful colors. It’s time to put away all the bright colors you’ve used all spring and summer, and start bringing out the Halloween and autumn decor. The great thing about fall decor is that the best colors to use are the ones naturally occurring in nature. If you like to change your decor season to season, now is the time to start. To help, we’ve put together tips to kick start your transition from summer to fall.

  1. Lamps - As the seasons change, so does the amount of light that you’ll be able to use. Start thinking about where you’ll need extra lighting, as the natural sunlight will mostly all be gone by dinner time. You can also utilize lampshades to help bring out the fall theme by decorating them yourself.  
  2. Rugs, Rugs, Rugs - As mentioned before, for most of the country the temperatures are slowly dropping, which means you’ll want an extra layer between you and the floor. Don’t be afraid to overdo it with rugs by layering when necessary. One other easy way to help bring more autumn into your life is a fall themed bath mat.
  3. Display Nature - Bring what’s outside, inside. Fall is a great time to use the natural resources around for decoration. Whether it’s firewood, or even small sticks, bringing in natural wood will change the feel from summer to fall instantly. Decorating with leaves will also instantly bring the season into your living space, whether it’s with pressed leaves or a whole wreath.
  4. Plaid - If there was one specific pattern that looked best during the fall season, it would be plaid. Try incorporating the pattern into many aspects of your decor, whether it be throw pillows, blankets, or even slip covers for your furniture.  
  5. Decorate Pumpkins - Although traditions tell you to carve your pumpkins, simply decorating them will stretch their longevity significantly. Painting them is a popular idea, but try adding other materials to them as well, such as ribbons or lace.  

Is fall your favorite season to decorate for? If so, let us know your favorite ways you spruce up your house this time of year! Be sure to also visit us online, or at a store near you, to help prepare for the upcoming seasons!

Friday, September 23, 2016

6 Ways to Liven Up a Room

As the seasons change, so do our styles. It may be relatively easy to update your wardrobe, but changing your decor from season to season can come at a costly price. Besides holiday decorations, most people don’t even think to update their living spaces until it is absolutely needed. But we think that shouldn’t have to be the case, and want to help you liven up your home decor. To help, we’ve come up with relatively inexpensive ways to help you bring new life into any room of your house.

  1. Bold Print - Whether it’s just a few throw pillows or an accent chair, a bold print will bring new energy to any room. It will draw the attention of any guests’ eyes that enter the room, and bring a different feel than they are used to.
  2. Sparkle - To help brighten up the room, introduce glass pieces into the room. Hanging a mirror in a room with natural light will brighten up the room significantly. Other ways to brighten up the room include using glass coffee tables and candy holders. Lastly, one option that is not often used is purchasing mirrored coasters. They will not only help protect your furniture, but reflect more natural light into your space.   
  3. Flowers - Whether real or fake, flowers bring new color to the room. And with all the different colors of flowers, it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to find one that matches the decor of your room. If you’re using real flowers, consider a crystal vase, as it will also bring sparkle into the room as well.
  4. Rearrange Furniture - Has your living room been set up the same way since you originally purchased the furniture? Step outside your comfort zone and change the room up. Don’t just flip-flop your love seat and chair either, try changing the way a guest will enter the space. If you’re changing up your living room, move the television to the opposite side of the room if possible to give everyone a new view.   
  5. Paint - Want to stand out and show off the new popular colors of next year? Follow Pantone Color Institute’s guide to next year’s popular colors. Changing the color of any room isn’t the most expensive change you can make, but it will take a bit of your time. If you’re looking for a quicker fix, try painting one wall a complementary color to the other walls.
  6. Upgrade Lighting - If you’re currently using only tabletop lighting, try switching to a stand-up light. New lighting can change the whole feeling of a room, but make sure you don’t overdo it to make your guests feel like they’re under the dentist’s chair. Too much artificial light tends to feel industrial. Make sure your rooms follow the basic rules of lighting.

Do you have any other ways you liven up your rooms from season to season? Let us know in the comments section! Visit us online or in store for more ideas on how you can liven up your decor.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Decorating on a Budget

The reality of decorating a new space is that it can cost a lot of money, but there are ways of getting around it. Although DIY projects can help cut down on spending, sometimes the cost of purchasing all the individual items can outweigh the results. Updating and repurposing your current decor is one way of getting around this. To help give you ideas on how this can be done, we’ve put together some ideas on how you can update your space without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking into upgrading your kitchen, one of the best things you can do is repainting your kitchen cabinets. Although it may not change their style, any guests that have seen your space before will think you have brand new cabinets. This trick can also work with doors. Painting a door may seem like a daunting task, but once finished will bring a new view to anyone walking in or out.


If you’re looking to update a bedroom, wallpaper can give the room an entirely different atmosphere. You don’t have to go all out either, a simple stripe or accent wall can change the feeling of the room entirely. Another great way to update with wallpaper is on vinyl blinds. Simply apply the wallpaper directly onto the blinds and give the windows a whole new look for less than half the price of replacing them.


Living in a digital age we’re taking photos constantly, but finding the right place to put them can be hard. One way of using them is to upgrade your existing coffee tables to become a photo table. All you will need for this project is a custom piece of glass cut to the size of your table. The best part of this decorating idea is that the photos can constantly be changed from season to season to bring a new feel to the table.


There are many ways you can repurpose old glass to help bring new life to your space. One simple trick to make any window pop is using colored glass bottles. Turn any window into a stained glass effect by simply setting them on the windowsill. Another great way to reuse old glass is to transform an old mirror. Simply apply a felt backing to any small mirror and it instantly becomes a tray that can be used in any room of the house. Add your favorite candles or art to your new tray and guests will be itching to copy your style.

Do you have any other ways you personally decorate on a budget? Let us know in the comments section! And if you’re looking to update on a larger scale, visit us online or at a store near you!

Friday, September 9, 2016

5 Organizing Mistakes

When it comes to keeping a clean house, organization is key. Sometimes though, you can organize in the wrong way. We tend to think if our living and eating spaces are clean, then they’re organized. The unfortunate realization is that being clean doesn’t always mean being organized. To help you stay organized while also keeping your house clean, we’ve put together a list that will improve your house or apartment instantly.

  1. Shopping First, Organizing Second - When the time finally comes to update your space, too many people forget to ensure they have enough space. Whether it’s not enough space in your dresser, or not enough room for all your furniture, you need to ensure you’ll have enough storage for the items you purchase.
  2. Out Of Order Containers - Sometimes when you try so hard make sure all of your items are out of sight, you lose track of what you actually use often. Keeping a clean house doesn’t mean just stuffing everything you can into one bin or drawer. Make sure that you are keeping the items you use most near the tops of your bins or drawer. This will help significantly when you’re pressed for time.
  3. Stuffing Kitchen Cabinets - You finally took the time to do all of the dishes in your house, but now where do you put them? Instead of shoving them all in the cabinets, try organizing them by size and use. There’s no need to put your fine dining plates on top of your everyday ones, as you’ll only have to remove them shortly anyways.
  4. Message Board Refrigerator -  If you think the person you are writing a note to on the fridge will read it every time, you’re sadly mistaken. Humans have an average attention span of around eight seconds, meaning remembering to view your message as they close the door will most likely not happen. Try setting up a message board somewhere else, as the most important thing on most people’s minds when going to the fridge is if that extra slice of pizza is still there.
  5. Keeping Counters Too Clean - Sometimes putting everything away isn’t the best decision. Obvious things like the toaster or your coffee maker come to mind, but if you’re someone who uses your blender more than once a week, then it’s best to keep it out. Larger appliances might feel like they are not needed every minute of the day, but when you use them often, you’ll save plenty of time not searching for them and finding a place to store them.

Do you have any other organizing tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments sections below! And if you’re looking for better storage space for your clothes or other dinning essential visit us online or find a store near you today!
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