Friday, January 27, 2017

Inexpensive Decorating Tips

The holiday season takes a toll on most people’s new year budgets whether we like to admit it or not. But you don’t always need to spend a lot of money to improve your living space. Small adjustments to things you currently have can go a long way to guests who occasionally visit, and give a noticeable difference to those who are constantly there. To help you change up your space, but not break the bank, we’ve come up with a few ways you can update your space in a quick, inexpensive way.

Power of 3s - When decorating, whether it’s art, candles or just about anything else you are getting more than one of, instead of getting an even number try getting sets of threes. So much of our lives are made up of even numbers and things being perfect that this unique change tends to draw the eyes to it.

High Curtains - To make any room feel instantly larger move up your curtains. Attach the rod near the ceiling and hang the curtains the full length of the wall. You may need to purchase longer curtains to do this, but will make a huge difference in the room.

Change Pillows - Throw pillows are relatively cheaper than most decor. Whether you need to purchase new ones, or just mix up the ones you currently have, it will give the room a new feel to anyone who frequents the room.

Runners - Do you have a table that’s just too small to decorate but hate constantly looking at an empty table when it’s not in use? Try adding a decorative runner down the center. Runners can also be a great addition to any chair that just seems to bland in color!

Common Colors - Mantels can be hard to decorate when there isn’t a holiday. Try using a single color and add art, vases or anything else that revolves around the single color. This will draw the attention to your guests’ eyes, and not because it seems like a barren waste of space.

Dress Up Curtains - Want to give your curtains a new look? Tie them up with matching belts or scarves. Although this may seem unconventional, it will certainly become a conversation starter when a guest notices them!

Pots and Pans - Kitchens can be tight, especially if you live in an apartment. Instead of wasting all of your valuable cupboard space, try hanging your kitchenware on the wall. You can lay it out in a specific design or just randomly. It can become an art project all in itself!

Have any other inexpensive design tips that you use around your house when the budget is low? Let us know in the comments section below! To find more decor to help update your space, visit us online or at a store nearest you!


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