Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5 Ways to Maximize Storage in your Child’s Bedroom

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They say you learn something new every day, but when it comes to kids, it’s more like they have something new every day. As our children grow, so does the amount of storage needed for their belongings. But, what happens when you run out of places to put new storage cubes or additional dressers? If you’ve run out of room in your children’s bedroom, we understand, and have the tips that will hopefully alleviate some of your stress from the growing clutter.

  1. Storage Bed - Generally, the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom will be the bed, so why not take advantage of the available storage that it can bring along? Instead of giving them another place to throw their dirty socks or lose their shoes, invest in a bed that has dresser drawers below.

  2. Coat Rack - This may sound like a weird one, but stay with us. As your kids age, so will their style, meaning they’ll most likely need more storage to hang shirts and pants. But, they’ll also still need to store all of their hoodies, jackets, and snow coats until they are needed. Place a standing coat rack in one corner of the room to eliminate the stuffing of every jacket in the back of the closet, only to throw all of their other hung items across the room when one is needed.
  3. Wall-Mounted Shelving - If you don’t already have shelving installed in the rooms, there are many inexpensive, DIY ways they can be set up. Use the shelves to store the things scattered across their dress, or more conventionally, for their school books when not in use.
  4. Bunk Beds - We’ve mentioned that beds take up at a lot of space, and if you have more than one child in a room, it makes for some cramped early mornings getting ready. Double down on your floor space with bunk beds, and if you’re really trying to save space, invest in one that has storage below as well. And if your children have frequent sleepovers, they make for a great guest bed!

  5. Maximize Closet Space - Now that you’ve eliminated all those bulky jackets, it’s time to maximize that closet space. To start, install hooks on the inside of the door to hang jewelry, belts, and scarves. Organize their shoe storage with a DIY shoe rack to keep the floor space organized. Finally, if you have extra shelving, install it just below the height of your hung items to create and extra dresser drawer!

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