Friday, October 19, 2012

Brightening a room with kitchen carts and mirrors

With fall in full color and winter fast approaching, light becomes a precious commodity, especially if you’re prone to seasonal affective disorder. You can help counter it by brightening a room with cheerful furniture, glass pieces or mirrors, and by de-cluttering the feel of your space by investing in some new storage pieces. To do this, try some of our kitchen carts and mirrors.

To start, you need a platform. Our granite kitchen cart is a great choice, with its dark hue, simple, metal-lined mirrors, and its open shelves underneath provide unique possibilities for decoration or plants. If you want a lighter platform, our white and wooden kitchen cart will reflect light and help make the room brighter. If you’d rather something more stationary, try one of our nightstands. This not only provides a nice flat surface, but also extra storage space in the drawers.

Granite kitchen cart

White kitchen cart

Next, you need a mirror. The dark tones in the matrix gold mirror match well with the granite kitchen cart, and its golden hues will match the white kitchen cart’s wooden surface. The mirror will reflect natural light into the room and brighten it during the day. This tactic is clever if you don’t have many windows particular rooms, or if those windows face away from the sun.

Matrix gold mirror

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