Friday, October 5, 2012

Heading Out On Your Own? The Art Of Manliness Can Help

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My little brother is in the process of getting his first real apartment, and as excited as I am for him, I feel for him, too. There's such a steep learning curve to living on your own, and after 10 years in grown-up apartments, I still have so much to learn. While there are a few words of wisdom I could pass on to him (sleeping in a closet is fine but only for about a year, the coolest streets are usually also the noisiest), he'd be much better off with a comprehensive guide…

My friend Michelle introduced me to The Art Of Manliness, and we're both hooked. I've barely scratched the surface of their impressive archives, but they do indeed seem to be "reviving the lost art of manliness". There's a beautiful, Ron Swansonesque timelessness to the skills and style they celebrate, and the topics covered are far-reaching and thoughtful.
With their Heading Out On Your Own: 31 Basic Life Skills In 31 Days series, the great minds at The Art Of Manliness have compiled an amazing reference for anyone heading out into the world — or anyone who's been out on their own for awhile but could use a little help. Some of my favorite topics are Essential Etiquette for Young Men ("Our forbearers saw no contradiction in being ruggedly manly and a refined gentleman"), Living With RoommatesCreate A Weekly Attack Plan (I love a good attack plan! Why am I not doing this?), and the Day 1 entry Develop A Self-Reliant Mentality. But really, they're all so good, and they're only up to Day 20. Though the tagline is 31 skills in 31 days, I'd probably advise my brother — and myself — to tackle one article per week. Each one is so chock full of information, they each deserve some mulling over. I have no doubt that my brother's new adult life is going to be a smashing success — but there's always A Man's Guide To Moving Back In With His Parents… While Maintaining At Least A Little Dignity, just in case.


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