Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds

Having a room for each person is nice, but when it comes to families with more than 3 children that reality is far too often not an option. Housing and rent prices rise and fluctuate with the nation’s economy, so having less rooms than people is a common occurrence. If you’re looking to maximize space, then bunk beds are the perfect solution. Unfortunately though, bunk beds can be dangerous if not properly used. Here are some pros and cons to help you choose whether bunk beds are a good investment for your family.

Space Saving

A twin bed is just over six feet long and three and a quarter feet wide. This means that by using bunk beds you will save around 20 square feet of space. And as anyone knows, the more room growing children have, the better. The extra space can be used for activities, toy storage, and dressers as well. Some bunk beds also come with a trundle option that will allow you to store even more things than a traditional bed frame.


For whatever reason, bunk beds are fun for all ages. When young children are finally old enough to have the top bunk (recommended 6 years+), it can be an experience they’ll treasure forever. They are suddenly elevated to a point they’ve never been before, but feel safe knowing they have a rail to protect them from falling. The beds also make it easy to make forts that children can entertain in themselves for hours. For college kids who suddenly realize they’d like a little more space in their freshmen dorms, bunk beds can save the day.


According to a Nationwide Children’s survey, nearly three-quarters of injuries from bunk beds occur to children younger than 10 years old. Surprisingly though, there was also a spike in injuries of those aged 18-21, as they are commonly used in college dorms and military facilities. One of the major ways to prevent injuries is to install railings. The suggested height for railings is at least five inches above the mattress as this will prevent any small child from falling.

No matter what age, bunk beds can be a fun and practical experience if properly assembled and used. To purchase the bunk beds pictured in this article and more, visit our showroom.


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