Thursday, March 3, 2016

6 Ways to Better Soundproof Your Home

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If you live in a city or a neighborhood full of children then you know that from the time you wake up until the time you fall back asleep it is hard to avoid outside noises. Whether it be car alarms, kids screaming, or even pets barking, noise seems to ring out from every direction. So how do you stop it? By better soundproofing your existing space. No, this doesn’t mean turning your house into an upscale, foam-padded recording studio. It means updating the decor of your home, and here’s how:

  1. Rugs - When you have hardwood floors and someone with shoes walks across them you can hear them coming from across the house. A rug will instantly help to mute the steps of those walking on that floor as well for as anyone that may be on the floor below them.
  2. Doors - A lot of cheaper interior doors simply aren’t meant for soundproofing, as they can be hollow at the core. By replacing them with solid wood or a particle board-core will help keep distractions away.
  3. Windows - Updating the windows in your home can be especially helpful for decreasing outside noise, and may help cut back on your energy bills. If fully replacing the windows isn’t in the budget this year, you can also use weather stripping around the edges of the windows for a quick fix. Lastly, if there are any visible cracks or gaps exposed, using an acoustical caulking will also cut noise significantly.
  4. Paint - Yes, painting can help too! With certain sound absorbing paints the noise coming through the walls of your home can be greatly decreased. The best part is that your color choices aren’t limited as many companies have taken on the task of making this product.
  5. Books - A bookshelf covering a whole wall will easily absorb noises that are trying to get through. If you’re a book lover, you should have enough to fill a wall. If not, then it’s time invest in some great literature or join a book club to help expedite the process.  
  6. Curtains - Even something as simple as curtains can help mute outside noises. This doesn’t mean that sheer curtains will do the trick, but opt for thicker, heavier curtains. When deciding on sizes of curtains to help reduce noise you’ll want to purchase drapes that cover above, below and on each side of the window that will create a solid barrier.

Obviously, the best way to soundproof any house is to add extra insulation, but unless you plan on tearing down your walls then this is not an option. If you have any other tips for helping soundproof a room using decor, drop us a comment!


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