Thursday, March 17, 2016

7 Traditional Decor Rules You Should Break

When someone says they are going to break the rules, you probably don’t think they are talking about decorating their house. In general, we try to stick to tried and true methods - no one wants to be stuck looking at garish decor! But breaking away from tradition is good sometimes, plus some things are just outdated and it takes a new generation to realize the past’s mistakes or misconceptions. To help you break out of that turtle shell of boring and plain decor, we have put together a list of rules that we think are out of date:

  1. Don’t Paint Walls Dark Colors - They say light colors make a room look larger, but the truth is they really don’t. Even if you don’t agree with the studies, the room won’t change it’s size based on any color you paint it. If you want to paint your room black you should, it adds a mood that most people won’t experience in their own homes.
  2. Don’t Mix Metals - Throw those matching rules out the window. Take some advice from a six-year-old dressing themselves and mix and match. This may take some time to perfect, so pick one piece of metal furniture you really like and build off of that. With metals, a dark and light mix looks great - like black and gold or black and silver.
  3. Don’t Decorate With One Color - There’s nothing wrong with being a minimalist. All white in particular is a style that is considered “in.” If you don’t like colors that pop then stick to white.
  4. Don’t Follow Trends - Most our tips up until now have been about going against the grain, but you don’t always have to! Trends are fun and for the most part they’re actually based off of some pretty good ideas. If not, why would it be a trend in the first place? The best part about following trends is you can always change if you want to. With that in mind, avoid buying larger trend pieces as they could set your wallet back if you’re trying to keep up with the latest home decor styles.
  5. Don’t Make Big Changes To A Rental Space - We’re not suggesting knocking down that wall to open up the space between the kitchen and the dining room, but adding some shelving to the walls will most likely not make you lose your deposit. If you need to fill in screw marks later, some simple putty or even painting over the hole will fix it quickly.

Pictured above - Canopy Wall Unit 2PC Set

  1. Frame Your Prints - Traditional frames are nice, but just like the art it’s okay to be creative. If you can’t think of any other ways to showcase your favorite pieces, there are plenty of helpful articles out there for inspiration. One of our favorite on-trend methods of displaying photos is to use binder clips as it adds a photography dark room vibe to your space.
  2. Don’t Invest In Big Things - If you really like something, the size of the investment shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your purchase. Ultimately we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so it is better to live in the present on that couch you love than try to prepare for the future on a small chair. Plus, with the evolving economy, selling a used furniture item is easier than ever before.  


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