Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Alternate Uses for a Coat Rack

Coat racks are great for hanging all of your jackets if closet space is limited, but what happens to them when you have enough room in the closet? Whether you have a stand up rack (pictured above), or one that is attached directly to the wall, we have come up with alternate uses that will hopefully help you become better organized.

  1. Scarves - Instead of trying to hang multiple of them up on hangers in the closet, or take up space with them stuffed in your dresser, simply tie them around the coat rack hooks. This will make them much more accessible and easier to find the one you’re looking for. Also hanging them up on the coat rack will keep them in better shape and bring more color into the room.
  2. Belts - Like scarves, belts seem to get lost in the mix a lot. They aren’t easy to store most places, so simply hang up the buckle directly on the hook. Making a habit of this will eliminate you losing them in the laundry basket when you forget to take them out of your pants. Also, because they are so thin and don’t take up much room you can throw other things on top of the belts for even more use out of the coat rack.
  3. Jewelry - Jewelry boxes are nice, but it seems that long necklaces always get tangled with each other. Simply hang them on the hooks to eliminate time looking for each one. It also makes a great way to organize them by specific metals or colors so they’re even more accessible. Using the wall coat racks works is best for jewelry, but a stand up will still hold them.
  4. Purses - It seems like we always misplace our most important items, keys, wallets, TV remotes, and of course, purses. Whether you have one, or ten, hanging them on a coat rack will make sure you never have to search to find it again. This will also free up more storage space wherever you were previously storing them.
  5. Hats - Space is definitely an issue when it comes to hats, and the more you get the more space they take up. While they are good for sunny days, bad hair, or just simply as an accessory to your style, it’s hard to find spot to properly store them. This is probably the most simple alternative use for the coat rack as you are essentially turning it into a hat rack. Because they also hang very well, you could hang them overtop of your scarves or jewelry as well and double the usefulness of the rack.

Did we miss any alternative uses for coat racks that you currently doing? Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite use of a coat rack. To find a coat rack that will do all of the things mentioned above, and hold your coats, visit our showroom.


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