Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to Pick the Right Mattress

Finding the right mattress for you should not be easy. The days of going to the store, sitting on all of them and picking which feels best are behind us, and for many reasons. We know the effects of sleeping on the wrong type, and how it can ruin your day to day life. So why do we still not take this purchase as serious as buying a car? For what it’s worth, the average mattress lasts anywhere between 5-10 years, and the average car lasts around 11.  You will spend more time sleeping on your mattress than you will in your car, unless your daily commute lasts between 6-9 hours that is.

Plan a Budget

Whether you’ve been saving for months, or have just suddenly come to deciding that it’s time to upgrade you need to set an amount that you feel comfortable spending. Purchasing a new mattress will not be cheap, and unless you have an unlimited budget, the amount of money designated will limit your selection. Once you have you budget set, you can now eliminate any mattresses above that range, and totally block them out of consideration. You also don’t want to immediately go searching for the mattress that just fits in your budget, as like cars, sometimes the cheaper one is a better selection for your needs.


The research process will not be easy, but that once your mattress has arrived to your home it will all be worth it. There are a few factors you must consider when picking the type of mattress that works best for you.

The first factor being memory foam versus traditional box spring. Memory foam distributes pressure evenly across the body, forming to every inch of your body. Although this may be great for some, it causes others to become warmer throughout the night as compared to traditional beds.

If you’re having trouble deciding between you and your partner, then a Sleep Number bed might be right for you. From your smartphone you will be able to adjust inflatable compartments in the bed that will make it softer or firmer based on your wants.

The last factor for those searching for traditional mattresses is the firm vs plush factor. A firmer mattress will provide the support that those with back pains will appreciate. A softer mattress provides more comfort and and pressure point relief. The softer mattress will not be good for those with back pain as well. To get the best perspective on how firm or soft you would like a bed, it’s recommended you at least lay how you would sleeping on a mattress for 20 minutes.

To find a mattress that will fit your needs, visit our showroom online or find a store located near you today.


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