Thursday, April 14, 2016

7 Decorating Tips to Transform a Room In a Day

For most of us, decorating our houses, rooms, and apartments is not our full-time job. After a long work week it can be hard to find the time and effort needed to keep up with the decorating trends and latest styles. To combat that, we put together a list of easy changes you can make to various rooms in as little as a couple minutes, to at most a couple hours. The tips will not change the whole room, but bring in a little spunk and flair for a fresh feel.

  1. Hang an Interior Curtain - Curtains are great for keeping out light, but they can also be used as fashionable way to hide a space or separate a room. Try hanging a curtain over a glass door, or to separate rooms like the kitchen and dining area.
  2. Mix and Match Bedding - Bring out your inner kindergarten self make some bold choices with your bedding. We’re not suggesting mixing stripes and polka dots together, but a small investment in throw pillows that change the color scheme will do wonders.
  3. Antique a Room - For the class clowns, we don’t mean covering it in water and flour - sorry. Hit up an antique shop and find some cool things that all work well together to instantly change a room. Keep it to one room though, like the bathroom, to really give it its own unique feel compared to rest of your space.  
  4. Paint Wooden Furniture - For wood furniture that’s on it’s last leg, figuratively not literally, spruce it up by painting it. Turning a set of wood chairs white will change a room’s feel instantly.   WHITE SWIVEL BAR STOOL (2046W)
  5. Wallpaper Shades - Those white shades have been needing some color for years, and now you have a reason to change them. This can instantly change a room with the right choice in wallpaper. You can add spunk with a statement color, or class with a classic print.
  6. Give a Room an Accent Color - If you have a room that has a duller vibe, simply update it with a few simple colored pieces. Pick a brighter or contrasting color that is sure to stand out from the rest of the room. This can be as simple as a few throw pillows and a bed runner that brighten up the room.
  7. Mix and Match Chairs -  So much of our lives has order, so break the decorating laws and mix and match chairs at a table. You can get sets of chairs, or just simply have every chair different. This will for sure make for a conversation every time a new guest comes over.


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