Thursday, March 24, 2016

Unusual and Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tips

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With houses no longer primarily being heated by wood and coal, spring cleaning has more become a tradition than necessity. Because smoke would build up soot on everything from the furniture to the curtains, there was a necessity to thoroughly clean everything once the cold season passed. This tradition has been passed down and we still today like to create a fresh start as the warmer months roll in. For all those who are ready to move past the snowy months, we have put together a list of spring cleaning tips for often forgotten places.   

  1. Dishwasher - The dishwasher isn’t just a place that you can be cleaning all your glass and plasticware. You can wash a lot of items in there, like plastic pet toys and even your toothbrush. You can also clean cleaning supplies in them, such as sponges or mop heads. Plus cleaning these items in the dishwasher will save you scrubbing time that you can use for other projects.
  2. Dust Forgotten Places - There are obvious places to dust, like the tops of fans and coffee tables, but what about the unconventional? Even though there isn’t smoke blowing through your house from fire keeping it warm every night, dust still collects on items like your curtains. What about the inside of the lampshade? Don’t forget to turn off the light or remove it first though!
  3. Degrease Cabinets - You touch them everyday, especially when you’re looking for something while cooking. Grease is also hard to see unless the light hits it just right, so remember to thoroughly clean where there’s points of contacts with hands. Also, don’t forget to get the lower spots where children may have touched.
  4. Dressers and Chests - We’re talking about the inside of drawers here, because we know you’ve probably already got the outside covered. Just because you put clean clothes in, doesn’t mean dust won’t build up, especially the drawer with your shorts and t-shirts. A quick dust should do the trick with this one, so there’s no major worries.
  5. Delint the Dryer - We’re not talking about the lint trap, and we hope you clean that every load as it is a major fire hazard. Remove the trap and stick the crevice tool attachment from your sweeper down in there . This will suck up all the lint that falls off of the trap and gets stuck in your dryer.
  6. Hidden Crumbs - Let’s be honest, have you ever cleaned your knife holder? Like the inside of dressers, this seems like a place that would never get dirty. But, when you cut bread, crumbs going everywhere is nearly inevitable sometimes. You could use your sweepers attachment or simply rinse and dry it so that you know the knives are staying clean and sanitary.
  7. Destain Cutting Boards - This may sound unusual, but you can get rid of those pesky stains on your cutting board with two simple items - a lemon and salt. First, put some salt down on the board and, with a half of lemon, scrub the board like you would with a sponge. This will also help freshen up the kitchen odor!
Have any tips for forgotten and unusual places we missed? Drop us a comment below and tell us your favorite place to make sparkle.  


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