Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Things Every Living Room Needs


Whether you use your living room for family time, watching the game, or a place to just hang out, it requires a few things to bring it together. The obvious things include couches, a TV, and if you’re lucky, a fireplace. But to make any living room feel like home there are a few things that you must include. These aren’t the most unique pieces, but more often the pieces that most don’t put enough thought into.

  1. Wall Decor - Too often do we focus on the color of the paint on the walls rather than the actual art or decorations that could be hung upon them. Invest in local art or a piece you really enjoy rather than a cliche print from another chain furniture store. It will not only make your room stand out, but can create a talking point for your guests.
  2. Window Treatments - Your windows are the portals to the outside world from inside your living room. Create a larger looking room by investing in curtains that reach floor levels. Try dressing your windows with multiple layers using sheer curtains to add a new dimension to the space.
  3. Proper Lighting - The key to every living room is the lighting. Too much lighting can make it feel like a dentist’s office, but not enough will have you turning on your phone’s light to find the remote. Figure out a proper level, and remember the different styles of lighting that will give the room distinct feels.
  4. Tables - Your living room needs two styles, a coffee and end table. Your coffee table can help you bring out your own style, whether you choose a glass or wooden version. Show off your creativity with what you keep on the coffee table, but don’t get too cluttered! Depending on the size your end tables can also serve as homes for lighting or only small enough to hold the remote and a drink. You don’t need to design a room around these tables, but when done right, they can bring flair to a simple room.
  5. Personal Touches - Although this includes family photos, they should not be the only unique touches to your living room. Find some art or decorations that are sure to bring memories every time you see them. Whether it be a decorative book, or memorable sports souvenir, try and bring something that gives guests a better understanding of your life beyond chairs and couches.

Have any other essentials that weren’t mentioned but you think should have been? Let us know in the comments section! To find some of the items mentioned above, visit us online or find a store nearest you!   


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