Monday, November 21, 2016

Last Minute Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

The forgotten holiday is nearing, and if you haven’t given into the winter holiday spirit yet then your fall decor is most likely still in full swing. If you have relatives coming in to stuff their faces full of mashed potatoes and turkey, wait to break out the snowflakes until after the last pumpkin pies are devoured. To help ease the stress of your in-laws coming in, we’ve put together a list of simple ideas for showing how thankful and pro-thanksgiving you are this holiday season.

  1. Acorn Candle Holder - We’ll start off simple. Go out into your yard and grab a few handfuls of acorns off the ground. Make sure to wash and dry them off, then throw them into a large glass container and simply set your candles on top or partially buried in them.
  2. Gourd Holders - Have any over-sized candle holders that never get used? Simply replace the candles with small pumpkins or gourds. Be sure that your new decorations are secured, as one table bump could send a pumpkin rolling over a guest’s plate.
  3. Cornucopia - This is one of the most traditional Thanksgiving decorations. Fill yours with fall flowers or small gourds. And if you’re looking to involve any young kids, let them paint their own gourd to be included in the display.
  4. Corn Husk Wreath - If you read our Halloween post, we discussed an easy DIY wreath. This time, use corn husks, and even dried corn, to bring your Thanksgiving wreath to life.
  5. Thankful Tree - As the leaves fall from the tree, so may have a couple of large twigs. Grab one that resembles a tree and find a vase or styrofoam block that will stabilize it to stand straight up. Cut out small paper squares and add string to them to hang as ornaments. As your guests come in let them write what they are thankful for and use the tree as your table’s centerpiece.  
Have any other last minute ideas that you love to do for Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you’re looking for more furniture to seat all of your guests this coming holiday season, visit us at a store near you or find us online!


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