Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reupholster or Buy New?

There comes a time in every piece of furniture’s life where its owner must decide if it’s time to move on or fix the mistakes that have been made against it. Whether it's been stained, ripped, or just simply worn out, you must decide if you’ll reupholster your favorite piece or simply move on and buy a new one. Although reupholstery may seem expensive, there are reasons for or against it.

Sentimental Value

Possibly the best reason to reupholster any piece, regardless of the price, is because of the value it brings to you. If a certain chair or couch has been passed down to you through multiple generations, then there should be no reason you don’t at least get a quote for the price it will cost. Although many new memories can be made on new furniture, those memories you have made will slowly fade away just like the old piece your grandparents had when you were a child.

Breaking Sets  

Having to get rid of one piece of furniture won’t break your bank, but when it matches every other piece it can become expensive. Consider reupholstering a dining room chair, or the couch that everyone sat on instead of the love seat.


The most important factor when considering reupholstering is the current condition of your furniture or piece. Older furniture tend to be more sturdy and heavy compared to today’s. If your older furniture is still holding strong this may be your best reason for holding on to it!


Reupholstering can be pricey, and always make sure you can at least get a price or quote before making the decision. Although it may seem like a no brainer to get one chair out of the set done, if the fabric is no longer being made you may end up having to redo every piece.

When comparing prices, stop into one of our stores closest to you and see if we have a piece that will fit your needs! You can find all of our locations and more online.


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