Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ten Decor Tips Everyone Should Follow

So you didn’t go to college to become a professional interior designer? No problem, we’ve got some tips for you! Just because you don’t have the proper training doesn’t mean your living spaces need to only consist of the essential couches, tables, chairs and beds! We’ve put together a list of 10 essential decorating tips that everyone should know and follow as they go about building rooms. Enjoy!

  1. Invest Where it Matters - Quit spending money on all of the little things. When designing a room, don’t buy a bunch of little trinkets because you think it will fill your space. Take that money and use it towards larger couches, better rugs, and end tables!
  2. Buy Rugs in Person - We understand that Amazon is your spirit animal, and why would you go to the store when you could just get it online? But for something that you’re going to walk on daily, you need to be able to feel the texture before it feels its way into your wallet.
  3. Do Your Homework - No, there’s no formal assignment, but you should do some looking and comparing before making any decision on home decor. Purchasing furniture isn’t a yearly thing, so why are you spending more time on choosing a restaurant to go to on night three of your vacation than the couch you’ll sit on for the next three years?
  4. Mix and Match - This isn’t kindergarten any more, everything doesn’t have to match. In fact, mixing metals is actually a great way to make any room stand out!
  5. Maximize Light with Mirrors - If you have very few windows, or just prefer natural light, use more mirrors. Larger mirrors help reflect the lighting into the room and will even save you money on electric since you won’t need to use lamps as much!
  6. Rule of Three - Remember the rule of three when it comes to small decorations like vases, candles and plants. Don’t let that candle burn all lonely by itself!
  7. Don’t Chase Trends - By the time you catch up with decorating trends, a new one has already arrived. Plus, changing your whole decor every year can add up quickly! A general rule of thumb is two new (or vintage) pieces of furniture per year.
  8. Add Greenery - You don’t have to deck out your space similar to the rain forest, but bringing in plants will help your house feel more like a home. Plants bring in color and texture to any room.
  9. Curtains - High and Simple - To make any room feel larger, install curtains at the tops of the ceilings rather than the window. Also remember that they are to designed to block light, not distract your guests from the rest of the room!
  10. Don’t Forget Art  - Your walls shouldn’t be a cluttered mess, but bring some culture into your rooms with pieces that fit well with your decor. Local art is also a great way to help spruce up your room and the community!
Have any essentials that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re starting a room renovation, follow tips two and three and come visit us in stores to help you make the right, informed decision before purchasing!


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