Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Modular Sectionals: Why are they a good investment?

There are many reasons to choose a modular sectional (such as the fact that ours is on sale this month!) but 2 of the most often cited reasons are versatility and saving space.


With large, joined couches, the size of a room is often the most important factor in the selection process. You might come across a couch that you absolutely adore only to discover that you can't buy it because its dimensions are all wrong. Sectional sofa couches eliminate this problem due to the fact that they can be manipulated to fit into any room, regardless of shape.

Most sectional couches can be configured into at least eight to ten different formations, from straight lines to l-shaped and horseshoe shaped configurations. Larger couches can even be placed in interesting octagonal or equiangular formations. Many people buy a couch to fit into one room in particular, and then find themselves in a complete bind when they move homes. Sectional couches can be separated and then reconfigured to suit a new space. If certain sections don't look right in their new space, you can always move them to different rooms around the house. A single arm chair or chaise can always be moved into a bedroom or TV room.

Space saving:

Sectional sofas are adaptable enough to fit into even the smallest of rooms. This is primarily due to the fact that sectional couches can be configured to take advantage of space that would normally go unused. Because they can be configured around other furniture as opposed to beside it, sectional couches offer the advantage of providing the maximum amount of seating in the smallest amount of space. By carefully configuring a sectional couch to fit into unused corners and crags, you can create additional space in the center of a small room and prevent it from looking crowded.

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