Friday, May 18, 2012

Practical, Inexpensive Gifts for High School Graduates

Great gift ideas for recent high school graduates!

Graduating from high school is a major milestone, celebrated with an open house and lavishing of gifts. Most graduating high school seniors will soon be going out into the world, however few are completely prepared. For these young adults, household necessities are gifts that they will appreciate for years to come. Many of these items are inexpensive as well, making these type of items a graduation gift tailored to any budget.

Bath Linens

When I graduated high school over ten years ago, one of the best gifts I received was a plush, oversized bath towel. It was from my cousin, who personalized it by having my name embroidered in large letters across the bottom. It has long been my favorite towel. I still have the towel, which has outlasted many other towels and remains in good condition, a testament to its quality. Towels, wash cloths, and bath rugs are all items a grad will soon need.

Kitchen Wares

Life on your own means preparing your own meals. Basic kitchen implements from wooden spoons to microwave ovens are things a graduate will need but likely doesn't have. Other inexpensive ideas include crock pots, coffee makers, cookware, and cookie sheets.

Serving Ware

Along with pots and pans, a basic set of serving ware is a thoughtful gift. A small set of plates and silverware are items a grad is sure to use. A set of drinking glasses is also a useful gift.

Compact Furniture

Whether moving into the dorms or into an apartment, grads will appreciate compact pieces of furniture. Items like fold-up tray tables are practical and functional, and take up very little space. Comfortable camping chairs take up very little space in a closet or dorm room, providing extra seating for guests or even used in lieu of larger, more expensive pieces of furniture that aren't within a college student's budget.

Gift Cards

Aren't sure what the grads you know need? Gift cards are always an appropriate gift choice. Stores that sell groceries, cleaning supplies, house wares, and other things a young adult needs to purchase on their own are good places to buy gift cards. For grads who will be commuting to college, a gas card is a gift they will be thankful for. If you are buying for a grad who lives out of town, make sure that you purchase a card for a store that has locations in their area.

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