Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you use bunky boards?

Over at Apartment Therapy, contributor Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph tells us about her first encounter with bunky boards:

I recently ordered bunkable twin beds for my daughters (we went with the New Mix) and I have 8-10 weeks to purchase mattresses. I set out in search of a great foam or latex option and encountered a few salespeople who mentioned bunky boards. Bunky wha?

Bunky (or bunkie) boards are cloth-covered pallets that provide a solid foundation in lieu of a box spring or base. They are recommended for foam or latex mattresses used on slats to maximize comfort and service life. Read more.

When it comes to bunky boards, it can be tempting to skip the bunky and just use a board. We sometimes hear of people using plywood instead. The trouble here is that harmless looking splinters and rough edges can tear up the underside of your mattress, or even injure little hands that come into contact with the wood. Additionally, many bunky boards are actually molded to fit snugly against a mattress, keeping it from sliding around...much better than flat plywood!

Here are a few of our beds that work well with bunky boards:


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