Friday, August 24, 2012

Multiple Uses for the Matrix Gold Server

We love the gold matrix line! For the kitchen, we carry a dinette set with matching server and extra chairs if you need them. For the living room, we carry a 3-piece coffee and end table set with optional matching console table and wall mounted mirror.

The matrix server is one of our most consistently popular pieces.

However, just because the server is designed to go with the kitchen set doesn't mean you can’t use it elsewhere! Many folks will buy the server because they love it, even if they don't have room for it in their current kitchen/dining room. But there are plenty of other ways to make the server a part of your home. Here are a few of our favorites:

In your entryway

Many folks just purchase the console table for these situations. We love the console table, with its clean lines and "no fuss" appearance. But it doesn't have storage, which in small spaces is a must. Fortunately you can also use the server in an entryway with dazzling results!

You can store boots and shoes on the bottom shelf; the grate design allows dirt and snow to fall through (make sure to put a mat underneath to catch all the debris). We've heard of folks storing umbrellas, flip flips and more in the wine rack spaces. On many server models, you can also just simply unscrew the whole wine rack component and keep it for another use.

Want to make it look more like a foyer piece? Just buy the mirror separately and hang it above the server for an added convenience for your guests!

In your hallway

Don't have much room in your bathroom for storage? Put the matrix server along one wall in the hallway just outside the bathroom. The wine rack part would be perfect for storing rolled up towels, and a few cloth-lined baskets on the bottom shelf could hold toiletries, small items, rolls of toilet paper, etc.

In your bedroom

You can use a combination of the ideas above to find a home for the server in your bedroom. Again, we love those handy cloth-lined baskets - they just make everything look so tidy!

You can also stash rolled up t-shirts in the wine rack, a skinny laundry basket on the bottom shelf, and even slide low-heeled shoes - like flip flips - under the bottom shelf.

Remember: If you purchased the 3-year accident protection plan, don't remove parts or alter the server in any way as this may void your warranty.

What creative uses have you come up with for your furniture? Let us know in the comments!


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