Friday, August 31, 2012

How to display your photos...creatively!

We live in the Pinterest age. We all have thousands of images and pictures that we absolutely love and would like to display somehow in our homes. But there’s only so much wall space, so we’ll have to pick only a few to hang up...right?

Wrong! Take a look at some of the neat display ideas below and let your creativity take the wheel: 

Wall-mounted shelves can make all the difference. Just make sure to have some consistency, like matching frames or matting, so that the overall look isn’t too cluttered.   

Mix and match approach: Use wall-mounted shelves AND traditional nail-in-wall picture hanging!

Do you have a fireplace mantel? Use it!

Why waste all that space under your stairs? Hang some pictures! Just make sure those pictures are well-secured to the wall so they stay put even as people walk (or run) up and down the stairs.

Maybe you don’t have a ton of pictures you love, but you do have a thing for pretty picture frames...display them anyway! 

Need even more ideas? This graphic should help (click it to see it even larger):

How do you like to display your pictures? Tell us in the comments!


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