Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kanye West: Dorm Room Decor Designer

From College Dropout to college designer? If you follow pop culture, then you’ve probably heard that rapper Kanye West wants take his design skills from the feet of America’s young people to the dorm rooms they sleep in. It was rumored he wanted to work with Ikea, and all it took was one post from the Swedish furniture maker to take the internet by storm. Although a spokesperson for the company said that at this time they have no interest in the Chicago rapper’s designs, we wondered what a Yeezy dorm room would look like. Based on past releases, his music, and lifestyle we’ve come up with what we thought it may look like.

Yeezy Season

One of his biggest influences for his furniture design would definetly come from his prior clothing releases. If you’re not familiar, a lot of his designs come pre-tarnished and torn. To incorporate this into a dorm room, we think he’d design couches that had holes in them to look very old and worn. But since it needs to be durable for college students, he’d somehow have it designed so that the holes would never get bigger, just always looking fly. This style could also be incorporated in other decor throughout the room, like curtains, pillows or bedding.


One thing that Kanye would address that’s missing in college dorm rooms across the country is the amount of space for shoes. Coming off his experience designing shoes for Nike, and now Adidas, we would expect a shoe rack to be pre-built into an armoire. Also included in the dresser would need to be a place for jewelry, and most importantly, sunglasses.


Whether it’s “All of the Lights” or “Flashing Lights,” a Kanye-designed room wouldn’t be complete without an exorbitant amount of multicolored lights. We can only imagine that the lighting would also be synchronized with the room’s speaker system. A Yeezy room wouldn’t be complete without an in-bed speaker system that it is coordinated with the flashing lights, making any time a good time to listen to Yeezus, 808s & Heartbreaks or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

These ideas might sound outrageous, but you must also consider this is a man who recently made a song about himself loving himself. Do you have any other ideas on what would be included in an Kanye West designed dorm room? Let us know in the comments section!


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