Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Alternate Uses for a Coat Rack

Coat racks are great for hanging all of your jackets if closet space is limited, but what happens to them when you have enough room in the closet? Whether you have a stand up rack (pictured above), or one that is attached directly to the wall, we have come up with alternate uses that will hopefully help you become better organized.

  1. Scarves - Instead of trying to hang multiple of them up on hangers in the closet, or take up space with them stuffed in your dresser, simply tie them around the coat rack hooks. This will make them much more accessible and easier to find the one you’re looking for. Also hanging them up on the coat rack will keep them in better shape and bring more color into the room.
  2. Belts - Like scarves, belts seem to get lost in the mix a lot. They aren’t easy to store most places, so simply hang up the buckle directly on the hook. Making a habit of this will eliminate you losing them in the laundry basket when you forget to take them out of your pants. Also, because they are so thin and don’t take up much room you can throw other things on top of the belts for even more use out of the coat rack.
  3. Jewelry - Jewelry boxes are nice, but it seems that long necklaces always get tangled with each other. Simply hang them on the hooks to eliminate time looking for each one. It also makes a great way to organize them by specific metals or colors so they’re even more accessible. Using the wall coat racks works is best for jewelry, but a stand up will still hold them.
  4. Purses - It seems like we always misplace our most important items, keys, wallets, TV remotes, and of course, purses. Whether you have one, or ten, hanging them on a coat rack will make sure you never have to search to find it again. This will also free up more storage space wherever you were previously storing them.
  5. Hats - Space is definitely an issue when it comes to hats, and the more you get the more space they take up. While they are good for sunny days, bad hair, or just simply as an accessory to your style, it’s hard to find spot to properly store them. This is probably the most simple alternative use for the coat rack as you are essentially turning it into a hat rack. Because they also hang very well, you could hang them overtop of your scarves or jewelry as well and double the usefulness of the rack.

Did we miss any alternative uses for coat racks that you currently doing? Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite use of a coat rack. To find a coat rack that will do all of the things mentioned above, and hold your coats, visit our showroom.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Unusual and Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tips

Image via Pixabay

With houses no longer primarily being heated by wood and coal, spring cleaning has more become a tradition than necessity. Because smoke would build up soot on everything from the furniture to the curtains, there was a necessity to thoroughly clean everything once the cold season passed. This tradition has been passed down and we still today like to create a fresh start as the warmer months roll in. For all those who are ready to move past the snowy months, we have put together a list of spring cleaning tips for often forgotten places.   

  1. Dishwasher - The dishwasher isn’t just a place that you can be cleaning all your glass and plasticware. You can wash a lot of items in there, like plastic pet toys and even your toothbrush. You can also clean cleaning supplies in them, such as sponges or mop heads. Plus cleaning these items in the dishwasher will save you scrubbing time that you can use for other projects.
  2. Dust Forgotten Places - There are obvious places to dust, like the tops of fans and coffee tables, but what about the unconventional? Even though there isn’t smoke blowing through your house from fire keeping it warm every night, dust still collects on items like your curtains. What about the inside of the lampshade? Don’t forget to turn off the light or remove it first though!
  3. Degrease Cabinets - You touch them everyday, especially when you’re looking for something while cooking. Grease is also hard to see unless the light hits it just right, so remember to thoroughly clean where there’s points of contacts with hands. Also, don’t forget to get the lower spots where children may have touched.
  4. Dressers and Chests - We’re talking about the inside of drawers here, because we know you’ve probably already got the outside covered. Just because you put clean clothes in, doesn’t mean dust won’t build up, especially the drawer with your shorts and t-shirts. A quick dust should do the trick with this one, so there’s no major worries.
  5. Delint the Dryer - We’re not talking about the lint trap, and we hope you clean that every load as it is a major fire hazard. Remove the trap and stick the crevice tool attachment from your sweeper down in there . This will suck up all the lint that falls off of the trap and gets stuck in your dryer.
  6. Hidden Crumbs - Let’s be honest, have you ever cleaned your knife holder? Like the inside of dressers, this seems like a place that would never get dirty. But, when you cut bread, crumbs going everywhere is nearly inevitable sometimes. You could use your sweepers attachment or simply rinse and dry it so that you know the knives are staying clean and sanitary.
  7. Destain Cutting Boards - This may sound unusual, but you can get rid of those pesky stains on your cutting board with two simple items - a lemon and salt. First, put some salt down on the board and, with a half of lemon, scrub the board like you would with a sponge. This will also help freshen up the kitchen odor!
Have any tips for forgotten and unusual places we missed? Drop us a comment below and tell us your favorite place to make sparkle.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

7 Traditional Decor Rules You Should Break

When someone says they are going to break the rules, you probably don’t think they are talking about decorating their house. In general, we try to stick to tried and true methods - no one wants to be stuck looking at garish decor! But breaking away from tradition is good sometimes, plus some things are just outdated and it takes a new generation to realize the past’s mistakes or misconceptions. To help you break out of that turtle shell of boring and plain decor, we have put together a list of rules that we think are out of date:

  1. Don’t Paint Walls Dark Colors - They say light colors make a room look larger, but the truth is they really don’t. Even if you don’t agree with the studies, the room won’t change it’s size based on any color you paint it. If you want to paint your room black you should, it adds a mood that most people won’t experience in their own homes.
  2. Don’t Mix Metals - Throw those matching rules out the window. Take some advice from a six-year-old dressing themselves and mix and match. This may take some time to perfect, so pick one piece of metal furniture you really like and build off of that. With metals, a dark and light mix looks great - like black and gold or black and silver.
  3. Don’t Decorate With One Color - There’s nothing wrong with being a minimalist. All white in particular is a style that is considered “in.” If you don’t like colors that pop then stick to white.
  4. Don’t Follow Trends - Most our tips up until now have been about going against the grain, but you don’t always have to! Trends are fun and for the most part they’re actually based off of some pretty good ideas. If not, why would it be a trend in the first place? The best part about following trends is you can always change if you want to. With that in mind, avoid buying larger trend pieces as they could set your wallet back if you’re trying to keep up with the latest home decor styles.
  5. Don’t Make Big Changes To A Rental Space - We’re not suggesting knocking down that wall to open up the space between the kitchen and the dining room, but adding some shelving to the walls will most likely not make you lose your deposit. If you need to fill in screw marks later, some simple putty or even painting over the hole will fix it quickly.

Pictured above - Canopy Wall Unit 2PC Set

  1. Frame Your Prints - Traditional frames are nice, but just like the art it’s okay to be creative. If you can’t think of any other ways to showcase your favorite pieces, there are plenty of helpful articles out there for inspiration. One of our favorite on-trend methods of displaying photos is to use binder clips as it adds a photography dark room vibe to your space.
  2. Don’t Invest In Big Things - If you really like something, the size of the investment shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your purchase. Ultimately we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so it is better to live in the present on that couch you love than try to prepare for the future on a small chair. Plus, with the evolving economy, selling a used furniture item is easier than ever before.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs

You’ll spend around one third of your life sleeping, so it’s extremely important that your bedroom is fitted with things that will make every moment enjoyable. Your bedroom is the last thing you see each night and the first thing you see each morning. If you do not feel comfortable and satisfied with its decor, then it could throw your whole day off. To help you with the stressful task of decorating a bedroom properly, we have come up with a list of five essential items every room needs.

  1. Comfortable Rug - Whether you like it or not, everyday you’ll have to get out of bed, and when you do your feet will hit the floor. To make this feeling better, a rug is essential. Any old rug won’t work either. It must be one that’s thick enough to eliminate the colder temperature of the floor. A cold floor may wake you up better in the morning, but some days a brisk wake up is the last thing you’re going to want.
  1. Nightstand - You don’t just need a nightstand, you need a nightstand that is packed with all your favorite essentials. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle or cup of water here incase you wake up mid-sleep with a dry mouth. It’s also best to keep some sort of pain medicine in there too, as it is always easier to reach to relieve a headache than it is to try to quietly maneuver through a dark house. You’ll also want a smaller lamp that you can use to see all these essentials you may need throughout the night.   
  2. No Tech - This may seem crazy nowadays, but taking out the electronics from your bedroom will eliminate future stress. Sleeping with your smartphone is not only dangerous but distracting, and will keep you up longer than intended. If you’ve made it to bed, then it’s time to just shut down for the night and actually get some sleep. Take the TV out of there too, as it also harmful to the quality of sleep you’ll be getting.
  3. A Place To Sit Besides Your Bed - This may be one of the most forgotten items each bedroom has. Use this seat to put on your shoes in the morning and take them off at night, instead of trying to balance one-footed. You can also use this seat to check your phone if you can’t fully eliminate it from your bedroom.
  4. A Great Mattress - If you can’t afford a high quality mattress, then it should be the first thing you save for. As we said before, if you’re spending a third of your life here, it might as well be comfortable. A great mattress is also essential to how well your night’s sleep will go. If you’re constantly waking up throughout the night, then your  day is sure to be less productive.   

Now that you know the essentials, go out and stock your bedroom. To find some of the items mentioned in this post, visit our showroom.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

6 Ways to Better Soundproof Your Home

Screenshot (40).png

If you live in a city or a neighborhood full of children then you know that from the time you wake up until the time you fall back asleep it is hard to avoid outside noises. Whether it be car alarms, kids screaming, or even pets barking, noise seems to ring out from every direction. So how do you stop it? By better soundproofing your existing space. No, this doesn’t mean turning your house into an upscale, foam-padded recording studio. It means updating the decor of your home, and here’s how:

  1. Rugs - When you have hardwood floors and someone with shoes walks across them you can hear them coming from across the house. A rug will instantly help to mute the steps of those walking on that floor as well for as anyone that may be on the floor below them.
  2. Doors - A lot of cheaper interior doors simply aren’t meant for soundproofing, as they can be hollow at the core. By replacing them with solid wood or a particle board-core will help keep distractions away.
  3. Windows - Updating the windows in your home can be especially helpful for decreasing outside noise, and may help cut back on your energy bills. If fully replacing the windows isn’t in the budget this year, you can also use weather stripping around the edges of the windows for a quick fix. Lastly, if there are any visible cracks or gaps exposed, using an acoustical caulking will also cut noise significantly.
  4. Paint - Yes, painting can help too! With certain sound absorbing paints the noise coming through the walls of your home can be greatly decreased. The best part is that your color choices aren’t limited as many companies have taken on the task of making this product.
  5. Books - A bookshelf covering a whole wall will easily absorb noises that are trying to get through. If you’re a book lover, you should have enough to fill a wall. If not, then it’s time invest in some great literature or join a book club to help expedite the process.  
  6. Curtains - Even something as simple as curtains can help mute outside noises. This doesn’t mean that sheer curtains will do the trick, but opt for thicker, heavier curtains. When deciding on sizes of curtains to help reduce noise you’ll want to purchase drapes that cover above, below and on each side of the window that will create a solid barrier.

Obviously, the best way to soundproof any house is to add extra insulation, but unless you plan on tearing down your walls then this is not an option. If you have any other tips for helping soundproof a room using decor, drop us a comment!
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